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Happy Year of the Monkey – Inspiration

yearofmoneky-1Happy 2016, Y’all! I’m working hard to get the new basement studio in working order, clearing out lots of amassed useless materials (How many twisty-ties and crusty rubber bands does one girl need? Apparently, all of them.) and piles of junk I’ve accumulated (Yes! The Magic of Tidying Up) . Continue reading “Happy Year of the Monkey – Inspiration”


Happy Year of the Ram!

2015 - Year of the Ram - Card

The seasons are changing here, and I can feel my winter blahs evaporating. For months I’ve been hibernating and chewing through piles of design work and “guilty pleasure” books (and, yes, more than a little wine). The sun and warm breezes are a welcome wake-up call.  Cheerful purple and yellow crocuses have been popping through the winter muck for a few weeks. The cherry tree out front is budding. My neighbor is washing the car. Winter is bowing out for now.

2015 - Year of the Ram - Card

To celebrate, I printed my annual Lunar New Year card on Friday, the first day of Spring. In the Chinese zodiac, the Sheep/Ram’s lucky color is yellow, so it seemed like a great fit for this year’s design. Continue reading “Happy Year of the Ram!”

Tiki Time: Luna Lounge Signage Design

tiki sketches
Sketching around with a tiki theme

Recently had lots of fun worked with Luna Lounge & Tiki Bar on their brand and signage. The Tiki Bar just opened in downtown Winston-Salem, so—do not invoke the wrath of the Tiki!— stop by and soak in the awesome Polynesian vibe, check out the outdoor patio and delicious specialty drinks as soon as you can!

tiki sketches
scanning a few tiki sketches for further exploration
Luna Lounge and Tiki Bar signage
The final Luna Lounge & Tiki Bar signage will be backlit, giving a warm, tropical glow to the moon.

Luna Lounge and Tiki Bar
Wed – Sat: 4:00 pm – 2:00 am
(336) 682-3527
701 N. Trade St.
Winston-Salem, North Carolina 27101

Pretty in NEON Pink: film-inspired artwork and homemade prom dresses

As I’ve mentioned before, I love me some High School movie goodness. Several of my favorites are from the King of High School Movies himself—John Hughes. So, when the folks at Aperture Cinema asked me to participate in their Screen Club series, Pretty In Pink made the short list* of movies I’d enjoy creating an original poster for. Continue reading “Pretty in NEON Pink: film-inspired artwork and homemade prom dresses”

NEW HankiePankies delivered to Art-O-Mat HQ

hankiepankie - in progress
Birds of a feather…

It’s been a wild, mad-dash summer so far. Just got back from a little me-time, family-time and toes-in-the-sand time and I’m digging back in. I delivered a big batch of Hankie Pankie art hankies to Art-O-Mat HQ a few weeks ago. Here’s a few snaps of the creative process for those 4 new designs:





hankiepankie - in progress
sketching new box designs

Continue reading “NEW HankiePankies delivered to Art-O-Mat HQ”

Experimenting with new processes; Inspired by others’ art spaces

in progress - deconstructed screen printing experiments
I’ve been mucking about in the studio; experimenting with new processes

I thoroughly enjoyed Sawtooth School for Visual Art’s studio share this Saturday. It’s very inspiring to see the spaces artists create in and hear them talk about their work. Thank you to everyone who participated.

As part of my leg of the tour I demonstrated a variant of “deconstructed” screen printing; here you can see our results:

in progress - deconstructed screen printing experiments
some of the elements used to make this “deconstructed” print: Paper cut-outs, string, bubble wrap and a plastic bag
in progress - deconstructed screen printing experiments
the finished print is one-of-a-kind

If you’d like to learn more about screen printing and experiment with the process, I’m teaching several workshops in Winston this spring; you can read  more about the workshop on the Sawtooth Website. And stay tuned for the next studio tour dates; hopefully coming this summer!

This one day workshop explores non-photographic screen printing techniques including painting with screen fillers and blockers, using stencils and masking techniques, deconstructed screen printing, and printing with found objects—all printing methods you can easily use in your own home using safe, non-toxic materials. You’ll experiment with combining methods to create unexpected works of art on paper and fabric. All ages and levels welcome. Participants are encouraged to bring found objects like string, bubble-wrap and cardboard to class to include in printmaking experiments.
Saturday 03/08 – 03/08 | 10:00 AM – 03:00 AM
and Saturday 05/03 – 05/03 | 10:00 AM – 03:00 A
in progress - deconstructed screen printing experiments
Here’s another print, in progress.

Inspiration: Exuberant drips and Glitter Puddles

Children's Museum Telephone Project - the inspiration

I’ve got a table full of exuberant drips, bright shapes, giant paintbrush splashes, primary colors and glitter puddles. All this lively artwork was created by small hands/young minds in the art room at the Children’s Museum of Winston-Salem last week and it’s my inspiration. I have till this Monday to create a work of art inspired by these paintings as part of The Children’s Museum Telephone Project.

Time to dig in! You may remember the last iteration of The Telephone Project I participated in.  I hope this one proves to be as interesting and fun. Looks like I’m gonna need a bigger glitter bucket. Here are a few more photos of the artwork that’s brightening the studio this snowy Friday:

Children's Museum Telephone Project - the inspiration

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