Sketching – Tea Towel Time!

sketching for tea towel designs

Working on ideas for some new tea towel designs for the fall/winter craft fairs coming up. Mark your calendars!  I’ll be at the Hand to Hand Market in Greensboro Dec. 1st and Krankies Craft Fair Dec. 13th-14th. Gotta get cracking on some new prints, thinking about making some new mask posters, too.

And a big THANKS to my HankiePankie Print Workshop students for sharing Saturday with me at Sawtooth School for Visual Art . I had a wonderful time introducing them to the fun of screen printing and seeing the different, inventive ways people tackle the creative process. Truly looking forward to my next class, now! Here are a few pictures from the class, though I was too busy to take very many:

A student’s design–from sketch to screen to finished print.

HankiePankie Workshop
Preparing a screen for printing on the screen press. (Photo: Sawtooth)
HankiePankie Workshop
Getting ready to print a screen. (photo: Sawtooth)
HankiePankie Screenprinting Workshop
Chatting at lunchtime while the painted screens dry. 
From rainbow rolls to rows of fabric prints, we had a lot of fun!

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