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Pretty in NEON Pink: film-inspired artwork and homemade prom dresses

As I’ve mentioned before, I love me some High School movie goodness. Several of my favorites are from the King of High School Movies himself—John Hughes. So, when the folks at Aperture Cinema asked me to participate in their Screen Club series, Pretty In Pink made the short list* of movies I’d enjoy creating an original poster for. Continue reading “Pretty in NEON Pink: film-inspired artwork and homemade prom dresses”


From written word to a puddle of bull: NRB Cover Project Recap – Part 1

An overview of designing and printing book cloth for New River Breakdown,  Terry Kennedy‘s poetry collection from Unicorn Press . You can see the finished book covers from this project at Unicorn Press.

New River Breakdown - Uncorrected Page proofs
Plain paper packages tied up with string.

The Invitation: One Book, Five Artists

When Tristin Miller initially described the project to me, I was intrigued. Five artists  interpret the same collection of poems by author Terry Kennedy in book-cover form. Each cover design will be produced as part of a set of hand-bound, limited edition books by a local publishing company. A project full of collaboration, exploring the overlap of art and design, all set in the local creative environment—sign me up!

The group met for a project briefing where Terry and Andrew Saulters of Unicorn Press explained their ideas and the project parameters. There were very few.  Terry described some key ideas and imagery in the book including his interest in the New River, an ancient river that runs North to South through North Carolina unlike others in the area. He enjoyed how nature can be counter intuitive and related this to how we discover many things work in unexpected ways when examined closely.  We artists were given a copy of Terry’s book, bound in plain black paper, and a deadline for final artwork.

The designer side of my brain was spinning at this point. Terry and Andrew didn’t expect to see concepts, vet artist ideas or provide feedback—either very brave or very insane.

My artist-brain was most excited about the fact the hardcover edition was bound in fabric, something that dovetailed perfectly with my current printing experiments on found-fabrics. Time to go read the book and see what this was all really about.

An Idea: A Riverbank Patina

It was mid May, the garden was lush and the weather was perfect for deck-sitting so I spent an afternoon with my toes in the sun and my head in Terry’s  book. There may have been a glass of wine. It’s a lovely book; very visual, very thoughtful. Wistful, hopeful and Southern. Continue reading “From written word to a puddle of bull: NRB Cover Project Recap – Part 1”