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The potential of you is vast

The Sketchbook Project - 2012
A few more images from my sketchbook for The Sketchbook Project, in progress, including some notes I wrote to myself as I went along. A few of these ideas will make it into larger scale prints, I am sure. Meanwhile, I am enjoying the zen of slowly filling the blank pages and watching the layers build.

The Sketchbook Project - 2012

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Using Found Objects: An Example

Maybe you remember back in January I shared a few pictures of recent found objects on my idea wall. So far, two of those scraps have made it into my artwork. This is the story of the cedar sprig.

idea board

I found the cedar spring on a morning walk. It was early January, so there were still Christmas tree remnants in the streets along with tinsel and the random overlooked  holiday decoration. Most of this I managed to overlook for the sake of a speedier walk, but the cedar sprig had such a nice shape, pre-flattend as it was by a few passing car tires. I picked it up and carried it home. Having learned the hard way (natural items like leaves and twigs lose color/contrast and become very brittle and hard to scan as they age), I scanned it into the computer BEFORE I hung it on the cork board. Continue reading “Using Found Objects: An Example”