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From doodle to done: Catepillar and Friends

While I was working on the Queen of Hearts Foodie Kitchen Towel, I had another design running in parallel. But you didn’t see it, ’cause I thought I’d save it ’till I was done and then share the process, start to finish, this time. Sneaky, right? Here we go…

Queen of Hearts - Sketches

Here’s a peek at my sketchbook… messy, messy. I’m flipping through for inspiration, wanna design some kitchen towels and I doodled some designs in here somewhere… Aha! See that furry creature with all the legs in the top left corner?

Queen of Hearts - Sketches

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Queen of Hearts Kitchen Towels – now on Etsy

Queen of Hearts Kitchen Towel

Yay! My Queen of Hearts Kitchen Towels are now up on Etsy. You can also find them for sale in Winston-Salem at Urban Artware and this weekend at the Krankies Holiday Craft Fair! (Or you can just email me about them, if you wanna skip the Etsy thang.) Some more pix of the finished product after the jump. You can see the towels blogged in progress here and here.

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