In Progress: Queen of Hearts

Queen of Hearts - Sketches

Thought I’d share some designs  I’m working on in preparation for the upcoming Holiday Craft Fair at Krankies. I’d done some brainstorming about flour sack towels ages ago. When I went back though my tattered moleskin to see if there was anything worth exploring — the doodle below caught my eye (in the center of the photo). 

Queen of Hearts - Sketches

The original idea: use playing cards as a jumping off point for a design (or series of designs). I really like taking something so recognizable and adding my own twist (and I’ve worked some with cards before, PLUS I have a series of “royal family” images my mom did in pen and ink that I adore), so I started working on ways to add a “kitchen” twist. Here are some sketches of my new “Queen of Hearts” tea towel design, in progress.

Queen of Hearts - Sketches

Queen of Hearts - Sketches

Queen of Hearts - Sketches

I’m pretty happy with the direction this is going. What do you think — Have I captured the right combination of familiar face and foodie?  I hope to print these this week as a two-color print on towels and maybe do some smaller prints of the same design on paper goods, too.


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