Upcoming Printing Workshops: November + February

160930 Sawtooth Workshop
Workshop – Left to Right, clockwise: paper cut print frog; poplar tree rainbow roll; printing a t-shirt; abstract tea towel print

Wanna print your own t-shirt or tea towel? Still a few slots in Nov. 5th screen printing workshop at SAWTOOTH SCHOOL FOR VISUAL ART.  I’ll also be teaching a workshop in early 2017.

Workshops:Saturday 11/05/2016 | 10 AM – 3:30 PM  Register now
AND Saturday 2/11/2017 | 10 AM – 3:30 PM  (Registration coming soon)

160930 Sawtooth Workshop
I love this graphic bird tea towel, designed and printed by a student in the September class. She was kind enough to gift me one, too!

Here are a few pictures from my September Workshop. What a fun group! Everyone was able to explore the process at their own pace with very creative results.

160930 Sawtooth Workshop
Prints on fabrics, drying.
160930 Sawtooth Workshop
Playing with registration and found papers

160930 Sawtooth Workshop

Printing a design on an apron

160930 Sawtooth Workshop
Creative use of rainbow roll
160930 Sawtooth Workshop
Poplar tree inspired print on paper

Illustration: Letters of Note

Cover: Wake Forest Magazine | Summer 2016

14 of my illustrations are featured in the Summer Issue of Wake Forest Magazine. This project was such an enjoyable challenge: illustrate a series of letters from the WFU archives revealing tidbits of history and humanity –from humorous to heartrending.

Illustrations: Wake Forest Magazine | Summer 2016

All these pieces were done as large-scale prints on fabric which I then photographed for use in layout. It’s been interesting to see my work come to life on the page combined with text and design in the hands of such a talented creative team (creative direction: Hayes Henderson; Design: Julie Helsabeck). I really love how Julie highlighted color and texture to pull the whole article together.

Here are a few snapshots of the print magazine. See all the images, read the Letters of Note and check out the whole issue online for some good summer reading in Flip Book or digital article form.
Illustrations: Wake Forest Magazine | Summer 2016 Illustrations: Wake Forest Magazine | Summer 2016
Illustrations: Wake Forest Magazine | Summer 2016
Illustrations: Wake Forest Magazine | Summer 2016 Illustrations: Wake Forest Magazine | Summer 2016 Illustrations: Wake Forest Magazine | Summer 2016 Illustrations: Wake Forest Magazine | Summer 2016 Illustrations: Wake Forest Magazine | Summer 2016 Illustrations: Wake Forest Magazine | Summer 2016

Hope you’re having a great summer! I’m also working away on the new Hankie Pankies series – Things that Make Me Cry – (too bad the world keeps adding to that list, right? Hang in there, folks. I think ART helps some.)  You can keep up with in-progress work over on Instagram, in between garden and food and kitty pics.🙂 Eat a tomato sandwich for me.

New work in progress – HankiePankies


Sketching HankiePankie Designs
Concept sketch for HankiePankie “Cry” series in progress

I’m working on a new HankiePankie series for the Art*O*Mat – working title: Things That Make Me Cry. For this series I’m abandoning the symmetrical grids I’ve been using for the last few years when designing Hankie prints. (For some reason autocorrect changed symmetrical to “hysterical grids”, which, yeah… a certain poetry to that, eh?)


Sketching HankiePankie Designs
Sketching out and cleaning up the first “Cry” concept


Here I’m playing more with large solid areas of color/ink, allowing for printing on found-fabric prints with more disruptive patterns than usually chosen for Hankie Prints. Planning to experiment some with this and take any interesting results further in later projects–I have a stockpile of “loud” and “large” found fabrics that I’ve got my eye on using soon.

HankiePankie Sketches - Cry Series
“Cry #1” artwork

There will be at least four designs in this print series, three are in the works so far, and I’m hoping to be swinging the squeegees in the next few days. I’ll share some more in-progress shots soon.

Sketching HankiePankie Designs
Another “Cry” HankiePankie Design in the works


Printing Workshop this weekend!

#wip #workinprogress hand painted screen ready to go

OK y’all! There are still a few slots open for my screen printing workshop this Saturday if you’re looking for a cozy way to spend a rainy Saturday in W-S. The class is this Saturday, 05/21, from 10:00 AM – 03:30 PM. We’ll be covering printing techniques including painting with screen blockers (like the image above), and if we have some extra time we’ll do a paper-cut print or two. It’s always a messy-good time, so come on down if you’d like to play with us.

The next Sawtooth Workshop after this is Friday 09/30/16, and you can sign up for it now if you’re a plan-ahead type like me.

Another #wip detail - collage includes snippet from "woman writing a letter" circa 1655 by Gerard ter Borch #screenprinting #workinprogress

I’ve just wrapped up a big illustration project that will be coming out in early June, I believe. This one’s for Wake Forest Magazine. Very excited about it. If you follow me on instagram, you’ve seen some sneak peeks.

#wip #workinprogress #studiotime

Still working on storage and organization in the new studio space (putting the finishing touches on some custom-built under-stairs storage-yass!) and updating my design and artwork websites in an attempt to move beyond the current shoeless-cobblers-children scenario (it plagues us all, doesn’t it?).

Also sketching Art*O*Mat “Hankie Pankie” limited edition Collapsible Fine Art Prints for a new Things That Make Me Cry series, coming soon. (Wow, I just found this amazing photo on the Baltimore Sun when I googled to find some of my flickr pics of Hankies to share.) Stay tuned for some work-in-progress hankies drawings! 



Monkeying Around

Year of the Monkey Card

How’s Year of the Monkey going, folks? Here’s how my Lunar Near Year inspired card turned out:

Year of the Monkey Card Detail

Here’s to those bright magical moments when inspiration strikes. May its spark warm you all year long! If you’d like a Fire Monkey card check out my ETSY shop: OrangePeelPress.

In other news, the studio is still a work-in-progress as I unpack, sort, declutter and learn the flow of working in a new space. The last few months have been full of several larger projects I can’t wait to share of more, soon. (You may have noticed I’ve been posting some work-in-progress on instagram.) It’s actually been helpful to be working in the studio as I move into it. I’ll be using the space a little differently because I’ve had the time to experiment.

Lunchbreak in the studio getting paws messy #gratitude #makingmehappy

Also, I have another screenprinting workshop coming up at Sawtooth School in May. There are still some slots open, so sign up for some messy fun if you’re around and interested in learning more about the printing process.

Looking forward to a busy and creative few months with a few collaborative projects in the works, and of course the bright warmth of Spring here to cheer us all on now.  I can’t wait to see where they go and share them with you all soon!


HankiePankies and more heading to Art-O-Mat HQ

HankiePankies ready to go to artomat HQ

Studio clean-up / move-in benefits continue! I discovered a stash of HankiePankies I’d tucked away in the archives that I didn’t need to keep, so they’re ready to find forever homes. All boxed up and delivered to Art-O-Mat HQ along with a new print series from Art-o-Artist Robin Anderson (AKA my mom).

Her new series is  homage to  indigenous peoples of the far North. Here’s a peek:


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