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HankiePankies and more heading to Art-O-Mat HQ

HankiePankies ready to go to artomat HQ

Studio clean-up / move-in benefits continue! I discovered a stash of HankiePankies I’d tucked away in the archives that I didn’t need to keep, so they’re ready to find forever homes. All boxed up and delivered to Art-O-Mat HQ along with a new print series from Art-o-Artist Robin Anderson (AKA my mom).

Her new series is  homage to  indigenous peoples of the far North. Here’s a peek:


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NEW HankiePankies delivered to Art-O-Mat HQ

hankiepankie - in progress
Birds of a feather…

It’s been a wild, mad-dash summer so far. Just got back from a little me-time, family-time and toes-in-the-sand time and I’m digging back in. I delivered a big batch of Hankie Pankie art hankies to Art-O-Mat HQ a few weeks ago. Here’s a few snaps of the creative process for those 4 new designs:





hankiepankie - in progress
sketching new box designs

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Now Printing: TRULUV Edition HankiePankies for Art-O-Mat

hankiePankie TRULUV edition in progress
Here’s a sketch of the 4th TruLuv hankiePankie design, in progress.

This week I’m finishing up my TruLuv HankiePankie edition for the Art-O-Mat. I’m using metallic inks for the first time on some of these prints, and it’s been interesting. The effect varies greatly from fabric to fabric. Looking forward to doing some work with metallics on paper, I did a few test prints and loved it. I’m thinking of doing a set of these designs as 2 color prints on paper so I can play with the metallic ink more. Here are some more in progress photos and you can read about this edition inspiration here and some more in-progress photos here and here and hereComing to an ART-O-Mat near you soon!

hankiepankie TRULUV
“Don’t be cruel” hanging up to dry. Note the funky silver striped fabric on the right, a special thrift find thrown in for fun with buttons still down the side (outside of frame)

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In Progress: More TruLuv Sketches

in progress: HankiePankie Sketchs

in progress: HankiePankie Sketchs

More progress on the new HankiePankie edition; sketches for 2nd and 3rd designs: “Love Me Tender” and “Love Carefully”.

As you can see, “Love Me Tender” is inspired by a porcelain mermaid. This fine finned diva was one of two mermaids that graced the wall in my grandmother’s pink tile bathroom (paired with porcelain bubbles). I have no idea where the other ended up, but I just love this lady’s sweet face and she fits in perfectly with the TruLuv theme.
in progress: HankiePankie Sketchs

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