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Year of the Dog Studies

Year of the Dog Studies//

Now signing and numbering Year of the Dog Studies prints, (Dogwood, The Call, Little Ones) this morning. They’re available printed in black ink on white or sage paper – also printing soon as hankiepankie art prints for the Art*o*Mat. These are sketches for the annual lunar new year card which will be in two color. (It’s not the first time the annual card went out in July – year of the Dragon was the same way! This time we’re celebrating the “Dog Days of Summer”!

These 3 prints will be part of the Artworks Gallery Summer Group show opening July 6th.


Upcoming Printing Workshops: November + February

160930 Sawtooth Workshop
Workshop – Left to Right, clockwise: paper cut print frog; poplar tree rainbow roll; printing a t-shirt; abstract tea towel print

Wanna print your own t-shirt or tea towel? Still a few slots in Nov. 5th screen printing workshop at SAWTOOTH SCHOOL FOR VISUAL ART.  I’ll also be teaching a workshop in early 2017.

Workshops:Saturday 11/05/2016 | 10 AM – 3:30 PM  Register now
AND Saturday 2/11/2017 | 10 AM – 3:30 PM  (Registration coming soon)

160930 Sawtooth Workshop
I love this graphic bird tea towel, designed and printed by a student in the September class. She was kind enough to gift me one, too!

Here are a few pictures from my September Workshop. What a fun group! Everyone was able to explore the process at their own pace with very creative results.

160930 Sawtooth Workshop
Prints on fabrics, drying.
160930 Sawtooth Workshop
Playing with registration and found papers

160930 Sawtooth Workshop

Printing a design on an apron

160930 Sawtooth Workshop
Creative use of rainbow roll
160930 Sawtooth Workshop
Poplar tree inspired print on paper

Taking the composition from large to small: NRB Cover Project Recap – Part 3

An overview of designing and printing book cloth for New River Breakdown,  Terry Kennedy‘s poetry collection from Unicorn Press . You can see the finished book covers from this project at Unicorn Press. Recap part one is here. Recap part two is here.

Taking a dip: Ready to Dye

With five layers of imagery printed and then washed (partially) away, it’s time for the most unpredictable part of this process—the dye bath.  A robin’s egg blue mixed with turquoise will take the edge off the brighter colors and solidify the concept of a riverbed patina.

fabric - after 1st wash - pre dye
A detail shot of the printed linen, washed and ready to dye.
after dye bath
The dyed linen, now a light blue.

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Building the Patina: NRB Cover Project Recap – Part 2

An overview of designing and printing book cloth for New River Breakdown,  Terry Kennedy‘s poetry collection from Unicorn Press . You can see the finished book covers from this project at Unicorn Press. Recap Part one is here.

The Creation Process: Step 1 – Grabbing the bull by the horns

Armed with a concept to create riverbed patina, it’s time to roll up my sleeves and start the actual making. First the canvas for this creation–the 13 yards of linen–needs to be tamed. Meaning: washed, cut into smaller pieces, and hemmed to reduce fray during the process.

cutting 13 yards into panels
Cutting the linen into 7 panels ( 5 72″ x 54″ and 2 65″ x 54″ panels).

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Amalgamated Trasmutations Exhibit at Electric Mustache Gallery

Amalgamated Transmutations: Flight, Growth and Breaking Open

This week I’m putting the final touches on new pieces for the show Amalgamated Transmutations: Flight, Growth and Breaking Open with my friends and fellow SEED artists Nicole Uzzell, and  Millicent GreasonThe opening reception is this Saturday, May 4th. Please stop by if you can, we’d love to see you. The show will be on view thru May 31st at The Electric Mustache Gallery. I’m doing some large-scale screen printing on found fabrics for this exhibit and talked a little about my inspiration in a post here. And here are a few photos of work in progress for the show; with more info on the exhibit after the jump.
flags of our mothers - in progress
flags of our mothers - in progress

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Going Big: “Together” in the Art Park

In Progress - together in this town

One project in the studio this month is a 4′ x 6′ piece commissioned by the AFAS Group as part of their Public Arts Initiative. The initiative works to bring art to public areas and  into people’s daily lives. AFAS’s project includes an permanent outdoor gallery that opened in the fall of 2012– the brainchild of my friend and fellow Winston artist, Kendall Doub, who invited me to participate in this upcoming exhibit. 

Since it’s the 100 year anniversary for Winston Salem, AFAS requested artists to work around a loose theme of “Celebrate W-S” and create work about or inspired by the city we live in. My working title is “Together in this City”, and I am incorporating a whimsical nod to the Winston skyline. Here are a few photos of the painting in progress.

Together in this city (working title) - in progress
Sketching out the main characters

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From doodle to done: Happy New Year 2013

sketch - year of the snake

Sunday was the first day of 2013 on lunar calendar, the year of the water snake, and I spent the day printing New Years Cards for friends and family. Here’s a peek into my process for creating the card I’m sending out this week.

A sketchy concept: I expected this year’s design to be a bit of a challenge for me due to my **ahem** healthy fear of snakes. How to make a creature that can appear menacing into a friendly image? After doodling for a few days, I landed on a concept of two intertwined snakes that i really liked (above and here). Now I just needed  a way to incorporate the idea of water. The weather was very wet  and the image of a snake making her way down the sidewalk with an umbrella popped into my head, making me smile. I was already too in love with the semi-symetrical snakes, though, and adding an umbrella was just not working. I didn’t want to add anything that would turn my idea onto a pharmacy symbol. I decided to focus on the snakey love knot and sort the water side of things out later.

A hunt for inspiration: Sometimes the best way to move forward is to just start looking at things. I started collecting images that set the mood I had in mind and doing a little research into the lore of year of the snake.

I learned that people born into the year of the snake are intelligent and excessively bold, great inventors and full of discoveries. They are contemplative, cunning and can be very possessive. Some snakes you might know: Oprah Winfrey, Sara Jessica Parker, Picasso, Martha Stewart and Jackie Kennedy Onassis. For those of us who aren’t snakes, apparently quiet calmness is key to harnessing the good in the snake and avoiding danger. “For all signs during a Snake year, inner growth, spirituality, and discovering the hidden meanings of things come to the forefront.”

Here are a few images that came up as I wandered the web:

in progress - new years 2013
Mood board: A lovely snake; A mysterious water creature; A stormy sea

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