From Doodle to Done: Two Caterpillars Art Hankie

Whew! I just wrapped up the last of four new Art*O*Mat HankiePankie prints: Two Caterpillars. Here are a few photos of the process from sketch to finished Hankie ready to ship to Artists In Cellophane HQ (I’ll also have some hemmed hankies from this series for sale at the Hand To Hand market this Sunday!):

hankiepankie - 2 caterpillars
Sketch idea: Two Caterpillars frolicking, chasing their tails. I wanted lots of movement and whimsy.
hankiepankie - 2 caterpillars
The sketch – scanned into the computer and converted to vector art, printed on vellum, ready to be used as a photo negative in the screen printing process. (Meanwhile, several thrifted bedsheets are torn down to proper Art Hankie size and boxes and box inserts are printed.)

hankiepankie - 2 caterpillars
Printed and ready to dry! (This design was printed in either hot pink and brown, depending on the fabric.)
art*o*mat HankiePankie
Hankies dried and off the line and ready to sort and pack. (I used three different sheets for this print, a pink/green paisley print (top left), a mint green (bottom left), and another brown/pink flowered print)
art*o*mat HankiePankie
closeup of a happy Caterpillar, ready to meet some new Art*O*mat friends.
art*o*mat HankiePankie
Hankies are folded up with a paper insert explaining Care and Feeding for the hankies and a long list of ideas for what to do with your art hankie.
art*o*mat HankiePankie
In the box, ready for a new home.
art*o*mat HankiePankie
Whew! Wrapped in cellophane and ready to head to Art*O*mat HQ.

(Some other in progress posts from this Art*O*Mat series here and here and here)


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