From Doodle to Done: “I’m of Two Minds About It”

I'm of Two Minds About It
Final Print: “I’m of Two Minds About It” by Woodsherry Anderson

This print is part of the exhibit:  BO GO – a show of Diptychs at Electric Moustache Gallery (at Krankies in W-S). Artist reception and opening tonight, Monday July 9th, from 7-9 pm. Stop by if you can for some coffee or a drink and some great art. A quick tour of creating this print after the jump.

Original sketch for “I’m of Two Minds About It”

** WELL FOLKS I just lost this entire post when WordPress crashed and dumped out everything I just wrote, including all kinds of nice inner-workings-of-my-brain type stuff… so you’ll have to be content with the following photos and captions because that’s all I can manage through my clenched teeth. Maybe it’s a sign that I should’t let you see behind the curtain. 🙂 Or something. Sheesh.**

making Rorschach blots
Making Rorschach blots for the print.
making Rorschach blots
This one looks like a cat to me. What do you see?
ink blots
The “final” blot. Looks like two faces, in profile, speaking or blowing bubbles.
sketch with blots
Scanning in the blot, figuring out the layers/colors for the print.
sketch with blots
Adding drawing layers to the artwork.
sketch with blots
drawing in details
Printing the first color.
Final prints, drying.
Framing a final print (this is a Trial Proof on old newsprint) for the show.

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