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Happy Year of the Monkey – Inspiration

yearofmoneky-1Happy 2016, Y’all! I’m working hard to get the new basement studio in working order, clearing out lots of amassed useless materials (How many twisty-ties and crusty rubber bands does one girl need? Apparently, all of them.) and piles of junk I’ve accumulated (Yes! The Magic of Tidying Up) . Continue reading “Happy Year of the Monkey – Inspiration”


And that’s a wrap!

taking down Salem Flags Exhibit

This morning I un-installed my “Flags” exhibit at Salem to make way for the May Salem College Class of 2015 Senior Thesis Exhibit, opening this Friday, May 1st at 6pm. It promises to be interesting, so check it out if you can!

taking down Salem Flags Exhibit
Several banners rolled up and ready to travel.
taking down Salem Flags Exhibit
Inspiration for more work: the way different pieces layered as I packed up the show was interesting. I loved the contrast in the intersecting pieces.


It was such an honor to be in such great company this past month, but it’s always a little sad, or at least bitter-sweet, to strike an exhibit. Of course, we have to have endings to have beginnings.

taking down Salem Flags Exhibit

Looking ahead, there are several upcoming shows I’m excited about. This next few months,  I’ll be working towards a High Point exhibit in June at TAG curated by Tom Paterson as well as a show expanding my Diversity Masks print series at Camino Bakery in August.  I’m planning to translate the new Diversity prints into an ART-O-MAT Hankie Pankie series as well. Time to roll up my sleeves and dig in!

Remember to take breaks and feed your soul, y’all.

During this busy time of year, remember to take breaks and feed your soul, folks! I snuck out yesterday to take in the Art on Paper exhibit at Weatherspoon Art Museum (SEE IT before it closes on the 14th if you can!), fill up on delicious Korean grub at Dasarang Korean Restaurant (SO GOOD! 4929 W Market St, Greensboro, NC) and stock up on goodies from GmartNow, I gotta put my head down and dig in to work today to make up for it, but it’s so nice to reenergize with great art and yummy food. 


In Winston this week? Friday at the Winston Gallery Hop, stop by Inter_Section Gallery and check out our  “Amalgamated Transmutations: Ooze & Instinct” exhibit. We’ve also added some inexpensive and easily giftable items, so you can do some holiday shopping AND take in some great art.

We’ve added Cards, prints and smaller scale artworks to the show for December—perfect for gifts!

Travel Inspiration: Forget Low and High; it ALL matters.

Travel: my feet

One thing I love about travel is how I start to notice everything around me once I’m in an unfamiliar place. From the stones under my feet and smells in the air to the waste bins and man-hole covers. It’s all new and worthy of at least a glance.

Old Town Krakow City Gate

A few weeks ago I was standing in a lush-green park looking up at an ancient city wall in old-town Krakow. I stood to the side watching the morning bustle of students with oversized portfolios, market vendors pushing carts as they yelled greetings to each other, and senior citizens walking their dogs. They pass through this massive gate made of stone every day.

I wonder how many things in my hometown I pass by without noticing? After 10 years, I’m sure almost everything in my daily routine is invisible. I looked sideways and a trash can caught my eye: bright blue and spray painted with a delicate, neon-green dragonfly; A charming bit of vandalism.

A dragonfly on a waste bin outside the old town city gate, Krakow, Poland

It’s the little things I love about travel. Sure, the gold-laden cathedrals and exotic dishes are nothing to sneeze at, but the reawakening of my ability to notice and respond, to feel, to forget to or to be too overwhelmed to turn off my senses. That’s better than any stamp in my passport.

Some inspiration from the little corners of Krakow, Poland.

A few more photos after the jump. Expect more travel images from other places along my path, soon!

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Let things overlap and collide – Now is for making

notes for classroom


Notes I wrote to myself: Some thoughts to live by in the studio. They aren’t always easy but are very rewarding to keep in mind. The moving forward is the most important part.

Don’t have expectations. Edit yourself later; now is the time for making.

Let yourself PLAY!  Art is an experience. We find the unexpected, freshest ideas through experimentation and letting things collide and overlap.

Let yourself NOT KNOW. This is how we learn. It’s ok if you don’t know the answer or what the outcome will be. We do not have to prove anything.

experimental screenprinting
experimental screen printing workshop: Paper/found object stencil print paired with screen-blocker painting print

Last night and this morning I did a dry-run, (because, yes, I am a nerd like that) of  the Saturday workshop curriculum. It was very nice to get into the studio and just make a mess. This is gonna be fun! Can’t wait to see what the group creates tomorrow. Here are a few photos from my recent experiments:  Continue reading “Let things overlap and collide – Now is for making”

Inspiration: Exuberant drips and Glitter Puddles

Children's Museum Telephone Project - the inspiration

I’ve got a table full of exuberant drips, bright shapes, giant paintbrush splashes, primary colors and glitter puddles. All this lively artwork was created by small hands/young minds in the art room at the Children’s Museum of Winston-Salem last week and it’s my inspiration. I have till this Monday to create a work of art inspired by these paintings as part of The Children’s Museum Telephone Project.

Time to dig in! You may remember the last iteration of The Telephone Project I participated in.  I hope this one proves to be as interesting and fun. Looks like I’m gonna need a bigger glitter bucket. Here are a few more photos of the artwork that’s brightening the studio this snowy Friday:

Children's Museum Telephone Project - the inspiration

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