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Sunny Monday


Winter sunlight streaming through the windows and some bright yellow flowers to catch its beams. It was a nice Monday, in spite of the hectic and the profane.

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The ones that get away

So, I thought I already had this on my list, but, I just read through it and I don’t see anything like it on there already, so today I am adding:

84) Teach myself to stop and take those photos I always “drive by” in life.

crestwood bait and tackle
crestwood bait and tackle

How many times do you drive or walk past a perfect photo only to have it haunt you for days later? I have many minds-eye photographs of simple images that struck me as beautiful at the time, but I didn’t take the few seconds to whip out the camera and compose a shot. Or I felt too rushed to pull over on the side of the road to snap a picture of the way the foggy morning sunlight hit the side of a weathered barn. Or, I just was too self-conscious about what people would think that crazy woman (me) was doing to pull over in the one-street-light town to snap a photo of that goat standing on top of that car. Or I didn’t want to ask the person driving if they minded pulling over, turning around and driving back to the spot where that one tree in that pasture was hovering over a gravestone. Yeah, when I start thinking about it, there are a lot of ’em that got away. And usually for no good reason at all.

Now, I undersand that I should be living in the moment and experiencing my life rather than just documenting it. I get that, but I also enjoy trying to capture those moments so I can remember and share them. It’s as much about taking the time to pull over and savor the sunlight in the pasture as it is about taking a photo. It’s about saying – this moment, this object speaks to me – even if that makes me seem a little silly or vulnerable or strange to the other commuters on the road zipping past or my travel companions.

So, it’s on the list. And this weekend I stopped and took a photo of a sign I’ve driven past for years and always loved. It makes me smile and it will make me sad when the actual sign disappears, but now I have a photo to remember it by. And a tiny moment of triumph – that moment when I turned right into the gravel lot and took 5 minuets out of my day to snap a few photos –  to remember, too.