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In the news: Artist Profile: Printmaker’s work leads to unexpected places

Screen capture of newspaper article - Artist Profile: Printmaker's work leads to unexpected places

Kathy Norcross Watts wrote a Winston-Salem Journal profile piece on my work that’s in the paper today covering a bit of my process and thoughts on a creative life. Here’s a little excerpt from the profile:

Q: How have you evolved as an artist?
Answer: Earlier in my life as an artist I was more concerned with proving skill and technical proficiency. I find that emotion and focus are more important in my work now. I’m more process and concept driven, and I want to experiment and push myself. That’s how real discovery happens.

Q: What is your biggest challenge?
Answer: Maintaining authenticity and allowing myself to be honest in my art process is a challenge. Our instincts are to protect ourselves, hiding our vulnerabilities, but the kind of art that truly reaches people requires letting go of that.

It was a please to talk with Kathy about my work and I hope there’s something in what I shared to inspire others. The Flags of Our Mothers: Prints on paper and fabrics by Woodie Anderson exhibit will be on display at the Elberson Fine Arts Center, Salem College Through April 26th.


“When a local art show is called “Amalgamated Transmutations…”

Looking in on three current art shows in local galleries


Our joint show Ooze & Instinct gets a review in the Sunday Edition of the Winston-Salem Journal. Tom Patterson’s article discussed three interesting exhibits in the area, including my exhibit with Nicole Uzzell and Millicent Greason. One note: the quilt piece mentioned in the article is actually titled “Oh, Daphne.” The exhibit is up through December, so stop by Inter_section Gallery and check it out.

Yes Weekly: Woodie Anderson’s Spirit Animals Stalk the Triad

What a wild journey art takes you on sometimes. Today’s YES! Weekly has a nice article on current art exhibits in the Triad that touches on how my recent paintings for Tristin Miller’s Spirit Animal exhibit and Kendall Doub’s invitation to play in the Art Park inspired the new work now at Kilpatrick Design (thanks to Lee Mecum’s curation).

Yes Weekly - Wednesday, December 11,2013

I enjoyed talking to writer Jordan Green last Friday at the reception about my work. Read the whole article online here (And if you’re curious, you can take the Spirit Animal quiz here and tell me what YOUR animal is.)

Press: Interview with NRB Creative Team on NPR

WFDD interview - New River breakdown
Andrew and Terry talking with WFDD’s Bethany Chafin. (photo: Tristin Miller)

This weekend’s edition of Triad Arts has a nice interview (starts at 38:50) with most of the creative team behind the New River Breakdown covers project. I really enjoyed talking with WFDD’s Bethany Chafin and the NRB team. Bethany did a great job of capturing the story of this project and it was a energizing chat.

There’s a tidbit from our conversation that didn’t make it into the edited interview I wanted to share.  While discussing my printing process, Bethany introduced me to a new word:

1 :  writing material (as a parchment or tablet) used one or more times after
earlier writing has been erased
:  something having usually diverse layers or aspects apparent beneath the surface

Has some lovely overlapping with many creative thought and art-making processes, doesn’t it? Later that same day, Terry shared this poem: How to Make a Palimpsest by Katherine Durham Oldmixon—another poet’s take on the same word. Nice Plate of Shrimp, eh? I love discovering new things.

You can listen to the full interview with Bethany and the team on the WFDD website. (drop in at minute-marker 38:50 to hear our conversation)    Continue reading “Press: Interview with NRB Creative Team on NPR”

Press: Artists’ creativity conquers gloomy economy (plus a mixed tape from Raggedy Octopus)

Interesting article about the current Winston-Salem art landscape, Delurk Gallery and my collaboration with Patrick Harris. (An excerpt after the jump.) Read it while you listen to The Raggedy Octopus’s mixed tape (from The Epic Battle Activity Book) for extra enjoyment.

Raggedy Octopus Epic Battle Mix Tape

And the Epic Battle continues with this album Patrick found and plans to use as a canvas.  Continue reading “Press: Artists’ creativity conquers gloomy economy (plus a mixed tape from Raggedy Octopus)”

Press: Delurk Gallery / To Cope

There's More Than One Way To Cope (with all this)

My latest installation piece at Delurk Gallery, There’s More Than One Way To Cope (with all this), got a mention in the paper today as “engaging, quirky“. (thanks!) The article is also (and mainly) an interesting overview by Tom Patterson of Kucharski’s current exhibit there. Read the article online here. Some pictures of the April exhibits at Delurk Gallery on flickr here. More photos of my piece after the jump and even more than you could ever want to see in progress and in final form on flickr here and some of Doll Baby #1’s adventures here and here.
There's More Than One Way To Cope (with all this)
There's More Than One Way To Cope (with all this)

Continue reading “Press: Delurk Gallery / To Cope”