The Epic Battle: Meet Raggedy Octopus

Delurk Gallery MAY 2012

Thanks to everyone who made it out to The Epic Battle opening last Friday. It was a wonderful night full of great conversations and cool people. More photos and exhibit info after the jump. In the photo below, you can see Roboctopus over Raggedy Octopus‘s shoulders and one of Anna Marie Troupe‘s beautiful yarn-covered columns on the left.

Delurk Gallery MAY 2012


The Epic Battle
A collaborative project by artists Patrick Harris and Woodsherry (Woodie) Anderson. A narrative art installation created from found and reclaimed materials that depicts the never-ending conflict between can and cannot, good and evil, internal and external, this exhibit includes sculpture, painting and conceptual sketches as well as an interactive activity book.

The Epic Battle Activity Book
Created to extend the narrative possibilities of the sculptural installation, this book depicts the events leading up to the epic battle from two different perspectives. The story of Roboctopus is told by Harris while Anderson tells The Raggedy Octopus’s tale. The artists invite you to participate in the story by writing your own ending. (post with a few pictures from the activity book here)


The show will be up for the entire month of May at Delurk Gallery. Stop by and see it in person, you won’t be disappointed!

the epic battle
octpus detail
epic battle

Delurk Gallery MAY 2012

Delurk Gallery MAY 2012
octopus - detail

Delurk Gallery MAY 2012

You can see more photos from the exhibit on flickr here.

Epic Battle posts: part one, part two, part three


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