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Found Inspiration: Purple Cabbage and Cow Skulls

found in garden bed

Yesterday I spent some glorious, sticky hours in the garden cleaning out beds, planting seeds, and celebrating the first official day of spring. It was long overdue but enjoyable, even though I was very behind in my yard work.

As I was mucking about, I shattered the old cow skull we’ve had in the herb bed as a decoration for years. Continue reading “Found Inspiration: Purple Cabbage and Cow Skulls”


Using Found Objects: An Example

Maybe you remember back in January I shared a few pictures of recent found objects on my idea wall. So far, two of those scraps have made it into my artwork. This is the story of the cedar sprig.

idea board

I found the cedar spring on a morning walk. It was early January, so there were still Christmas tree remnants in the streets along with tinsel and the random overlooked  holiday decoration. Most of this I managed to overlook for the sake of a speedier walk, but the cedar sprig had such a nice shape, pre-flattend as it was by a few passing car tires. I picked it up and carried it home. Having learned the hard way (natural items like leaves and twigs lose color/contrast and become very brittle and hard to scan as they age), I scanned it into the computer BEFORE I hung it on the cork board. Continue reading “Using Found Objects: An Example”

Flotsam and jetsam

pink frog
New studio pet

Doug and I have been walking almost every day, in spite of what I consider brutal cold. The bright spot being it’s actually cold enough for me to wear my old leather motorcycle jacket. I haven’t worn it much since college, it doesn’t really get that cold here, but when it does, nothing else cuts the wind like that jacket does. And, bonus, its smell reminds me of the bad old days. Continue reading “Flotsam and jetsam”