Found Inspiration: Purple Cabbage and Cow Skulls

found in garden bed

Yesterday I spent some glorious, sticky hours in the garden cleaning out beds, planting seeds, and celebrating the first official day of spring. It was long overdue but enjoyable, even though I was very behind in my yard work.

As I was mucking about, I shattered the old cow skull we’ve had in the herb bed as a decoration for years. The brittle bones broke apart when I raked past it too vigorously and several teeth fell loose on the ground. The breaking apart startled me and I felt a little sad to see one of my favorite lawn decorations showing its age. The sun-bleached whiteness of the teeth against the rougher texture of the bark mulch was striking, though.

teeth found in garden bed

I tidied up the skull, pulling the broken pieces back together and scooped up the teeth for display on my windowsill. The teeth have such beautiful shapes and lines that little surprise inspiration. Seeing them in my window will be a nice reminder of a surprise that was sitting in my garden, waiting to happen, for years.

cabbage stem

A little later in my herb bed cleanup, while pulling out abandoned dead plants I should have removed in the fall, I came across another surprise: this beautiful striped purple cabbage stem, still a little redish-purple, with a dimond pattern left where the leaves died and fell off over the winter. I love the subtle color and the eye-like shapes of the leaf stems. Another inspiring find.

This day turned into a lesson in the good side of procrastination: when you ignore something long enough, a new side of it may be revealed to you.

cabbage stem

found in garden bed


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