Flotsam and jetsam

pink frog
New studio pet

Doug and I have been walking almost every day, in spite of what I consider brutal cold. The bright spot being it’s actually cold enough for me to wear my old leather motorcycle jacket. I haven’t worn it much since college, it doesn’t really get that cold here, but when it does, nothing else cuts the wind like that jacket does. And, bonus, its smell reminds me of the bad old days.

It got pushed to the back of the closet for years because I feel like I have to have the ‘tude to back it up when I’m wearing it and sometimes I don’t have the energy. People respond to me differently when I am wearing it. I’m not sure what the black leather and zippers are telegraphing and I find it bewildering when I get a reaction I wasn’t expecting and realize it’s probably because of the jacket. It’s strange that one article of clothing could manage that, but I know I’m not making it up because Doug noticed the same thing on our recent walks. Some folks put their heads down and dart past when I’m wearing the jacket. On the days when I am not, they smile and nod. Maybe it’s the relatively conservative town we live in. I guess it doesn’t really matter. This winter, I’ve decided to embrace the fact that my leather jacket is a warm coat that I like and to wear it when it’s cold enough.

idea board
New additions to the idea wall

Anyway, We’ve been walking a lot. And I’ve been picking up little discarded pieces of flotsam and jetsam along the way, as per usual. I thought it might be fun to share some of the things I find on this blog as a way to document my findings and how they get incorporated into works of art, in one way or another, eventually. So, the last two days I found: 1 strange pink baby frog; 1 bubble gum wrapper with the letter B on it and some cool graphics; a sprig of cedar tree from all the christmas trees on the curbs that had been flattened into a nice organic shape. You can see these items pinned to the bulletin board in my studio in the picture above.

I’m thinking I may incorporate the pattern from the bubble gum wrapper and the cedar twig in my still-in-progress-holiday-card-turned-chinese-new-year-card in some way. The pink frog is pretty cute, but I have no idea what to do with her, at this point, so she’s going to live on the idea wall for awhile. She seems to have a very sweet personality and is very quiet, so I don’t think she will interrupt my work often. Hopefully she will be a very well-behaved new studio pet.


3 thoughts on “Flotsam and jetsam

  1. mayb u just look BADASS in that jacket….there are some interesting studies to how people react differently 2 men and 2 women on the streets…to men strangers generally look quickly and then look away – not making eye contact for a long time as to not invite a threat/challenge….hehe….mayb u look like u will kick some butt if they need it! ­čśë be proud! i bet u look smokin HOT! ­čśÇ

  2. I’d heard that before, too, Holly, but forgot it. I think it was in that book you lent me by the woman who “went under cover as a male” for some time. Interesting point. Thanks. ­čÖé I do love that jacket, it’s so cozy.

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