Happy Year of the Monkey – Inspiration

yearofmoneky-1Happy 2016, Y’all! I’m working hard to get the new basement studio in working order, clearing out lots of amassed useless materials (How many twisty-ties and crusty rubber bands does one girl need? Apparently, all of them.) and piles of junk I’ve accumulated (Yes! The Magic of Tidying Up) .

Figuring out what makes the most sense as I organize my things and thoughts around the new space has me feeling very hopeful for the new mental and physical spaces that are opening up as part of this process.yearofmonkey-2
And with a new year comes a new Lunar New Year card. 2016 is the year of the Red/Fire Monkey, and I’ve been puttering around collecting images for that theme. To me fire means inspiration and motivation, so I’m sketching ideas around those thoughts as well as around the spirit of the Monkey which is one that’s playful, clever and curious.


I really love the graphic colors from the classic Wizard of Oz flying monkey suits, which includes this year’s red/fire color (considered lucky) so that’s a starting inspiration for the design. Aside from that, it’s time to sketch and doodle and day dream…yearofmonkey-3

…not a bad way to ring in the New Year. Here’s to a lovely, creative 2016. May yours be as fun and full of energy as a barrel of monkeys. 🙂


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