Playing with the monkeys on my back

2014 Lunar New Years card - sketches
Working through the details for my New Years card design; the monkey’s the one causing all the trouble. Isn’t that always the way?

Life is a whirlwind around me these days with so many fresh starts––new perspectives, new babies, weddings, career moves––so many exciting and terrifying things whipping past, including whole years.

An article I read recently talked about measuring your years in the experiences they bring rather than the big, judgmental milestones we often drop on ourselves this time of year. What new friendships have you made or solidified? When did you learn the life lesson that gave you your new mantra? As the years tick by, it’s those moments that we should savor. Our experiences build us into who we are, one conversation and bedtime story at a time.

About four years ago I switched my holiday card mailing to the Lunar New year, which means I have a little breathing room apart from the standard holiday rush to enjoy the process. Today I’ve savoring the thinking, the noodling and doodling. 2014 is the year of the wood/green horse in the Chinese zodiac so I’m sketching ideas around that theme.

2014 Lunar New Years card - sketches

I’m pairing my whirlwind thoughts with the Town Musicians of Bremen folktale for playful twist on the way the years stack up around us, behind and ahead. No matter where we are, we’re just starting out. The three years winking ahead of the year of the horse are the sheep, monkey, and the rooster. What adventures await?


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