NEW HankiePankies delivered to Art-O-Mat HQ

hankiepankie - in progress
Birds of a feather…

It’s been a wild, mad-dash summer so far. Just got back from a little me-time, family-time and toes-in-the-sand time and I’m digging back in. I delivered a big batch of Hankie Pankie art hankies to Art-O-Mat HQ a few weeks ago. Here’s a few snaps of the creative process for those 4 new designs:





hankiepankie - in progress
sketching new box designs

hankiepankie - in progress
Sketching out text for another new box design
hankiepankie - in progress
Three birds down the spine of a new box design
hankiepankie - in progress
printing the dragonfly design – in neon pink and orange rainbow roll
hankiepankie - in progress
I like how the fabric pattern comes through like falling rain on this one
printing hankie boxes
a pile of printed boxes, ready to be glued and packed up

3 thoughts on “NEW HankiePankies delivered to Art-O-Mat HQ

  1. love the blue on coral hankies, really different skull, the mandala bug circle on the pink stripe….perky – you got it goin’ on gurl

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