Welcome 2014! Don’t sweep all your good luck away.

scratch - in progress
Detail of work in progress: “Scratch”

Happy New Year, everyone! How goes it, so far?

2013 held some great surprises and lessons in letting go and saying YES (and saying NO, too) for me. I’m looking forward to expanding those lessons by reaching out to interact, support and collaborate with others and enjoying the focus/blur of full, messy emersion even more this lap around the calendar. Here’s hoping 2014 will be full of inspiration and artful exploration for us all.

livingroom scene
The holidays can really take it out of you. Doll Baby looks plum worn out.

This January I’m wrapping up several works in-progress for the SEED Collective group show opening next week (some images below) as well as prepping for a screen printing workshop I’ll be teaching at The Sawtooth Center in March on combining printing techniques and working experimentally with the medium. I’m also working on my 2014 Chinese zodiac card.  I have until January 31st–one reason why I like to go with the Chinese calendar for my holiday cards. This year is the year of the wooden, or green, horse–hopefully some ideas will come galloping by any minute.

cloths line
The “streamers” in the studio are going back up, it’s time to dig back into making art.
in progress - Scratch
Another detail shot of “Scratch”, in progress.

On a side note: I just came across this note on traditional China celebrations of the New Year and Spring Festival:

Families tend to clean their homes in the days leading up to the celebration but all dusts and brooms are hidden during holiday so that “good luck can not be swept away.” (via)

So, put away those thoughts of spring cleaning and take a moment to savor the freshness of a new year.


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