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gratitude – Sweetness

A few things making me happy (as part of my life list  ongoing gratitude journal):

First, a note. I must confess I have long hated and resented  the word sweet. Those feelings are slowly turning to sometime more like distrust, I’d say. I have less time to hate things. Still, it feels like a cop out, this word. How honest is sweet? Also, an assumption. Girls = Sweet. And don’t forget the numerous cringe-inducing commands to “Stay Sweet” scrawled across all my High School yearbooks in hot pink ink. Really, that’s all you have to say? Sometimes it feels like a personal failure when I hear that word.

So it felt strange when, looking through my photostream gathering photos for this post, sweet was the word that kept popping to mind. Photo after photo. Fresh. Delicate. Pleasant. Winning and charming. I think maybe it’s time for me to make my peace with sweet.

Still, I reserve the right to squinch up my face and stick out my tongue at anyone who dares tells me I’m “sweet”. And don’t wink at me, either. I hate that.

Katie P's macaroons
Something small and french and pink: Eating too many homemade macaroons at brunch with good friends and lively conversation.
baby hair
Yes, Virginia, kewpie doll hair is real.

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screen captures: Peggy and Don

"sorry if I embarrassed you."
"I'm sorry if I embarrassed you."

So, I’m still making my way through the last half of season four of MadMen (SHHHH!, don’t tell me what happens!) and this scene between Peggy and Don really put a lump in my throat. Sweet, sad, perfectly played. Great moment.

screen captures: High School Movie Edition

Easy A

Ok, so, I might as well admit I am a sucker for  High School movies – Pretty in Pink, Rushmore, Election, Napoleon Dynamite,  Heathers, The Breakfast Club, Say Anything – all guilty pleasures, the kind of movies I always stop and watch when they surface while channel surfing. (There ought to be a name for that phenomenon. PopCultureHappyHour calls them ” the movies we can’t not watch.”)  For a long while Sixteen Candles was a yearly tradition. I would watch it every year on my birthday, tearing up at that last shot and cheering for Molly, loving every minute even though I already knew it by heart.

I’m a hopeless romantic, I guess, and these movies are sweet modern fairytales or at least a calorie-free box of chocolates. They make me happy, anyway. Sadly, recent movies in the High School genre have failed to hit the note for me. Not that the old standby High School movies aren’t shallow and silly at times, but jeeze, sometimes I just can’t stomach the “helpless” girl or the “makeover” plot lines one more second. What? She took of her glasses, and now she’s HOT? No way! Sheesh. Give me a little something more, please.

But, joy! Recently on my instant Netflix queue: Easy A.  And it’s now on my list of favorite High School Movies of All Time! And Emma Stone is so smart, sassy and fun. And her parents are played so quirkily and well by Patricia Clarkson and Stanley Tucci. And there are many shout-outs to High School Movies of yore. And Amanda Bynes makes the best bitch-face evah. And Yay.

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