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Being – Between The Blast And Now

between the blast and now - detail

Ever work on something so intensely and for such an extended amount of time that it BECAME YOU or – maybe – YOU became IT? Thats kinda how I feel about this quilt. I know that sounds dramatic, but, Whew! I have been working on or dreaming about this thing for months.

Today we hung it in the gallery and I got my first really good look at what the WHOLE thing is from far enough away to really see it. I felt a little like an astronaut in orbit. This thing is big enough it probably HAS an orbit.

Anyway, here are some photos of my latest creation, “Between the Blast and Now”, scroll down to the end for one of me with a “What hath I wrought?” look on my face. I’m feeling a little proud and a little disoriented, but mostly happy to have  managed to wrestle this baby up on the wall (thanks Doug and Dave!). Please don’t fall off the wall, tonight, little quilt. Be good to your mamma. The people will come to see you tomorrow, and then you and I are gonna curl up with a good book.

drawings on fabric - 1st layer before printing
From this reclaimed bed sheet and muslin curtain...
quilt - folded
To this 128" x 93" quilt covered in words, images, dreams and (if I'm honest) a little cat hair...

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Clotheslines in the living room – Work In Progress

detail - art quilt
A detail from the quilt - "Between the Blast and Now" in progress.

In some of these details, you can see a hint of the primordial creatures who haunt or frolic the dreamscape –  inspired in part by sea creatures in this hoax email. This piece is also an exploration of innate dreams and TimeStretching. Below are some more pix of the quilt, in progress.

Cloth in the sink after 2nd dye bath
detail - art quilt
Clotheslines in the living room mean "the art" is happening. Also, Clotheslines in the Living Room would be a great song title for my debut country record: Drunk and Uninvited.

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