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heading toward the finish – sneak peek at more collaboration

companion panels
detail of companion panel for "Graffiti Under Bridge"

Working like mad to pull everything together in time for my exhibit at SEED Gallery (opening THIS Friday – ACK! – Opening is 7-10pm during gallery hop – stop by!). Spent the last few days wrapped up finishing touches on my new art quilt. Hand-stiching 12 feet of binding around the edges hurt, but I’m pretty happy with the end result of this mammoth project (over 10.5 feet wide and almost 8 feet tall !!). Now I just hope I hope I can figure out a way to hang it. Continue reading “heading toward the finish – sneak peek at more collaboration”


Clotheslines in the living room – Work In Progress

detail - art quilt
A detail from the quilt - "Between the Blast and Now" in progress.

In some of these details, you can see a hint of the primordial creatures who haunt or frolic the dreamscape –  inspired in part by sea creatures in this hoax email. This piece is also an exploration of innate dreams and TimeStretching. Below are some more pix of the quilt, in progress.

Cloth in the sink after 2nd dye bath
detail - art quilt
Clotheslines in the living room mean "the art" is happening. Also, Clotheslines in the Living Room would be a great song title for my debut country record: Drunk and Uninvited.

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the festive nature of a print studio in the living room

getting ready to print
Stringing the cord for drying prints.
getting ready to print
The colorful clothespins on the dry line remind me of flags in china town or maybe the festive flags that go up inside circus tents.
Happy New year cards, drying
And here's a sneak peak at the Chinese New Years cards I printed this weekend. This is what the first color looked like. I did a run of 100, 1/2 blue and 1/2 pink. Pink came second so you can detect a slight rainbow roll in the prints that were the first after the transition.