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#81: Use “The Good Silver” more often

Owl napkins

Hello, my name is Woodie Anderson and I’m a hoarder.

The good news? I’m not living, unkempt, in a collapsing tunnel of National Geographic magazines, empty shampoo bottles and uneaten girl scout cookies. It’s not an HAZMAT situation.

The bad news? I think this tendency might be hard-coded into my DNA or something. It’s not like I haven’t learned these lessons before. Still, I have to keep telling myself over and over: use the good linen. Use the “good silver”. Enjoy it while you got it, girl!

Maybe it’s because saving the best for a special occasion was a big part of my past. When you don’t have much, you make do with what you’ve got. You find new, inventive uses for things. And, you save the best of what you do have for those emergencies you know are coming.

When you’re 8, you save the new wrapping paper for the times when using the funny papers or the recycled wrapping paper, with its “invisible” tape and map-like creases, would be too embarrassing.

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