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screen captures: Peggy and Don

"sorry if I embarrassed you."
"I'm sorry if I embarrassed you."

So, I’m still making my way through the last half of season four of MadMen (SHHHH!, don’t tell me what happens!) and this scene between Peggy and Don really put a lump in my throat. Sweet, sad, perfectly played. Great moment.


screen captures: seen and felt


Sometimes you come across an image or a scene that just says something words can’t hope to say or bear to say. This one is at the end of episode 10 of MadMed season 1 and I had to watch it a second time to freeze frame and take snapshots of the tv screen. I love this so much, not sure I can even explain why. It makes me so happy and so sad at exactly the same time. It woke me up, a little, too.