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Gratitude: Peonies on the Nightstand, Red Dirt Ruts, and Playing with Fire.

posies on the nightstand
Peonies on the nightstand
It’s the quiet morning time, with a hint of warm and the dew melting, that may be my favorite.
Crouching down in the quiet morning time, with a hint of warm and the dew melting
getting things untangled
Getting things untangled. Again.
a bird planted this for me
A bird planted this for me.
baked and bleached deck boards
Sunbathing; Coming back to awareness face-to-face with a sun-bleached slab of wood.
pulpit out by the roots
Sometimes the best solution is to pull it up by the roots.
nasher visit - durham nc
Finding funny faces…

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gratitude – Sleeping in the Sink

A few things making me happy (as part of my life list  ongoing gratitude journal):

volunteer sunflowers
The volunteer sunflowers that came up in the sideyard containers are blooming now. Soon there will be little yellow finches eating the seeds.
June Supper Club
Pie and great friends who know how to make it. and don't mind sharing it.

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Passion of Life

HankiePankie Art HankieThings have been a little hectic around here, I have a longish list of things I want to share/post that I can’t wait to share, soon. But for today, here’s a sneak peek at the HankiePankie Art Hankies I’ve been printing this week. I came across this quote on A Conversation About Cool and it struck me. Can’t really explain it, but it reminds me of the importance of being present in my own life.

Today is the anniversary of a sad day for me – the day a wild, strange, creative friend died by his own hand. It was sad and unexpected and even though I wasn’t as close to him as some were, it still hurts. It’s a little startling the sorts of things that fade and mellow and the sorts of things that stay sharp, isn’t it?

Today is also the anniversary of my first “real” solo art show – I know it sounds like a small thing – but for me, that show opened up things. I experienced people connecting with artwork I had created that was personal and raw and it was a joyful, exciting feeling to be so exposed and yet embraced.  Sharing art about life seems like the right thing to do today.

“There is no end. There is no beginning. There is only the passion of life.” ~Fellini

The day, as it passes, and FOMO

Once again, I’m sitting at the computer, tying up loose ends (flickr uploading, FB, blog notes, Evernote organization, email catch-up, list-making, job boards, Google alerts… need I go on?) before getting to the “real work” and I look up at the clock –  it’s past noon. I’m still not quite done with my catch-up game and half the day is officially over.

OK, self. Don’t panic. Now that I’ve done with all those little things, I have time to focus and do my best work. Maybe it’s the OCD side of me, but I find it hard to really focus until all the little nagging chores are out of the way. It reminds me  of this recent article: FOMO and Social Media by Caterina Fake (via kettle). “FOMO” stands for “Fear of Missing Out” and it’s something I struggle with given all the plugged-in-ness of  life, these days. Caterina points out: Continue reading “The day, as it passes, and FOMO”

A long time / A short time

10 years

Yesterday was the 10 year anniversary of my first date with Doug. We celebrated with a late dinner and some wonderful chocolate cake from my friends at Magpie Bakery. The dinner was nice, the dessert divine (though I have to admit we snuck a piece or two the night before when I brought it home and it smelled too good to resist) and the conversation was great, too. Especially considering the fact we’ve been talking to each other over dinner for 10 years, now. It feels like it’s been a long time when I think about all the things that have changed in my life and how much I have changed as a person in the last 10 years. It feels like a short time when I think about how much Doug has been changing in these ten years, too, and how much we still have to learn about both each other and about life. I feel lucky to have someone in my life I trust as a best friend and a partner. And a nice glass of wine and some chocolate just takes it over the top. Cheers!

Dear Universe,

Poem for a New Year print

All right, already, universe.  I get it. I need to slow down and stop skimming.

Sometimes, when things get really crunched for time and I have projects piling up I realize I am playing a little game with reality where I  just pay attention to the main points, assuming I’ll be able to come back later and pick up the details when I can focus on them better. But, once in awhile, something happens and I realize that plan is not working out so well. Some critical points (and experiences) are dropping through the cracks, when I “speed-read” my life, like this. The real thing to remember is that when I’m living in fast-forward I’m not really saving myself much time to savor the things I plan to go back for later. There’s always something else getting added to the triage pile. And once I really get going, the mistakes that start happening end up taking longer to fix than simply hitting pause and adjusting my brain to real-time world.

A couple things happened the last few days putting that into perspective. I had a few conversions I didn’t really absorb until later. I had to circle back on a project brief a few times to make my brain see it. Some of that stuff is a normal part of life in society today, but some of it is bad. As in, it’s not me or how I want to live my life. This skimming has already been on my mind, I even wrote out a post-it note to myself about it. Sometimes writing something down makes my brain “get it” and kick it in faster. I was hopeful. But today, while doing about 15 things at once, I realized… Oops! I just deleted all the photos on my camera BEFORE I loaded them into the computer. Yep, that stinks. Dang it.

Gone are all the photos of the prints at the gallery, now. No way to take new photos. Gone is the awesome photo of the crazy salad I made the other night that made me smile. All those little moments and great pictures, gone

So, yes, Universe. I hear you.

I already heard you but now you just kicked me in the shins, where it really hurts, like a three-year-old who feels ignored. Sigh.