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Tutorial: Scrap Fabric Wreath

holiday wreath
Holiday wreath for our front door, made with fabric scraps from past projects.

This weekend I had a little time to muck about in the studio — after I finally finished the much-dreaded office/studio clean up. I can see my drafting table again! It’s always nice to have a clean, cheerful studio to play in.

I made this wreath with some fabric scraps I couldn’t bear to throw in the trash, and I really like how it turned out. I used some white fleece I’d used for batting in a recent art quilt project for the ‘flowers’ and bits of red and orange flannel (from the same quilting project) and curtain sheer (from a screen printing project) for the rest of the wreath. I love it when I can use my ever-expanding rag bag for something fun!

If you’d like to make a scrap wreath for yourself, download a PDF Tutorial I put together here or continue reading. It’s very simple and I finished mine in an afternoon. I’ll outline the steps after the jump. If you make one, let me know, I’d love to see what other people do with the same idea! Continue reading “Tutorial: Scrap Fabric Wreath”


Clotheslines in the living room – Work In Progress

detail - art quilt
A detail from the quilt - "Between the Blast and Now" in progress.

In some of these details, you can see a hint of the primordial creatures who haunt or frolic the dreamscape –  inspired in part by sea creatures in this hoax email. This piece is also an exploration of innate dreams and TimeStretching. Below are some more pix of the quilt, in progress.

Cloth in the sink after 2nd dye bath
detail - art quilt
Clotheslines in the living room mean "the art" is happening. Also, Clotheslines in the Living Room would be a great song title for my debut country record: Drunk and Uninvited.

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Passion of Life

HankiePankie Art HankieThings have been a little hectic around here, I have a longish list of things I want to share/post that I can’t wait to share, soon. But for today, here’s a sneak peek at the HankiePankie Art Hankies I’ve been printing this week. I came across this quote on A Conversation About Cool and it struck me. Can’t really explain it, but it reminds me of the importance of being present in my own life.

Today is the anniversary of a sad day for me – the day a wild, strange, creative friend died by his own hand. It was sad and unexpected and even though I wasn’t as close to him as some were, it still hurts. It’s a little startling the sorts of things that fade and mellow and the sorts of things that stay sharp, isn’t it?

Today is also the anniversary of my first “real” solo art show – I know it sounds like a small thing – but for me, that show opened up things. I experienced people connecting with artwork I had created that was personal and raw and it was a joyful, exciting feeling to be so exposed and yet embraced.  Sharing art about life seems like the right thing to do today.

“There is no end. There is no beginning. There is only the passion of life.” ~Fellini