Goings On: March edition

Sanctuary and Safekeeping reception
Tina and I peek out from inside my installation, “If the place we need does not exist, we will make it”, now showing at the Davis Gallery in downtown Winson-Salem.

A REMINDER: The Sanctuary and Safekeeping exhibit is on display until March 17th. The show includes an interactive “studio” area where the artists share pieces of our artistic processes with touchable in-progress art and tools. It’s been described as “suggesting a puppet-maker’s workshop and a partially dismantled carnival”, which sounds fun, right? I know my brain feels like both of those things when I’m making art.

Sanctuary and Safekeeping reception
A sign at the entrance to the ‘Studio/Clubhouse’ installation in the Sanctuary and Safekeeping exhibit invites visitors to think about the relationship between safety and creative thinking.
Fight Series HankiePankie art hankie
One of the “Fight” series HankiePankie Art Hankies, ready to be boxed up for Art*O*Mat machines across the land. Coming to a machine near you soon!

SAVE THE DATE: Last week I dropped of a fresh delivery of HankiePankie Art Hankies to AIC headquarters. This year marks the Art*O*Mat®’s 20th year, and I’ve been participating in the project for over 10 of those years. June 10th, SECCA will  be hosting a swap meet to celebrate the anniversary. I’ve been to two previous swaps and they are always good fun, with artists trading pieces and stories, and art collectors young and old excited to meet Art*O*Mat artists and learn more about the project.

ARTOMAT Swap Meet 2017 poster

WORKSHOP DATES: This Spring I’m teaching a workshop Saturday, April 29th at The Sawtooth School. These classes are always a lot of fun as we explore the printing process together. Sign up if you’d like to learn more about screen printing! No experience necessary.

Student work - Screenprinting Workshop
Sample student work from this February’s screen printing workshop at Sawtooth School.

Hope you all have a creative Spring! Stay warm and take care of each other. ❤


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