New work in progress – HankiePankies


Sketching HankiePankie Designs
Concept sketch for HankiePankie “Cry” series in progress

I’m working on a new HankiePankie series for the Art*O*Mat – working title: Things That Make Me Cry. For this series I’m abandoning the symmetrical grids I’ve been using for the last few years when designing Hankie prints. (For some reason autocorrect changed symmetrical to “hysterical grids”, which, yeah… a certain poetry to that, eh?)


Sketching HankiePankie Designs
Sketching out and cleaning up the first “Cry” concept


Here I’m playing more with large solid areas of color/ink, allowing for printing on found-fabric prints with more disruptive patterns than usually chosen for Hankie Prints. Planning to experiment some with this and take any interesting results further in later projects–I have a stockpile of “loud” and “large” found fabrics that I’ve got my eye on using soon.

HankiePankie Sketches - Cry Series
“Cry #1” artwork

There will be at least four designs in this print series, three are in the works so far, and I’m hoping to be swinging the squeegees in the next few days. I’ll share some more in-progress shots soon.

Sketching HankiePankie Designs
Another “Cry” HankiePankie Design in the works



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