Monkeying Around

Year of the Monkey Card

How’s Year of the Monkey going, folks? Here’s how my Lunar Near Year inspired card turned out:

Year of the Monkey Card Detail

Here’s to those bright magical moments when inspiration strikes. May its spark warm you all year long! If you’d like a Fire Monkey card check out my ETSY shop: OrangePeelPress.

In other news, the studio is still a work-in-progress as I unpack, sort, declutter and learn the flow of working in a new space. The last few months have been full of several larger projects I can’t wait to share of more, soon. (You may have noticed I’ve been posting some work-in-progress on instagram.) It’s actually been helpful to be working in the studio as I move into it. I’ll be using the space a little differently because I’ve had the time to experiment.

Lunchbreak in the studio getting paws messy #gratitude #makingmehappy

Also, I have another screenprinting workshop coming up at Sawtooth School in May. There are still some slots open, so sign up for some messy fun if you’re around and interested in learning more about the printing process.

Looking forward to a busy and creative few months with a few collaborative projects in the works, and of course the bright warmth of Spring here to cheer us all on now.  I can’t wait to see where they go and share them with you all soon!



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