HankiePankies and more heading to Art-O-Mat HQ

HankiePankies ready to go to artomat HQ

Studio clean-up / move-in benefits continue! I discovered a stash of HankiePankies I’d tucked away in the archives that I didn’t need to keep, so they’re ready to find forever homes. All boxed up and delivered to Art-O-Mat HQ along with a new print series from Art-o-Artist Robin Anderson (AKA my mom).

Her new series is  homage to  indigenous peoples of the far North. Here’s a peek:


I just love the colors on these! This is the 4th printed series she’s done for Art0O-Mat.


We had a cellophane party yesterday, wrapping up boxes and blocks, and then delivered them to HQ for machines around the world. Cello-selfie!

having a cellophane party

If you’re interesting in participating on the Art-O-Mat project, you can check out more about the guidelines for artists here. It’s a fun way to create and share your work. artomat block - Robin Anderson

Find a machine near you and unwrap an artistic treasure today. Happy kerplunking!




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