Gratitude: Abandoned Streamers in the Park and Knowing Where the Candles are When the Lights Go Out.

walk in the park
Abandoned streamers in the park

floor patchwork

Patching up the holes in the floor; Sweeping out the corners

tearing out the bad pages, starting fresh
tearing out the bad pages; Starting fresh; We don’t have to keep it all.

closet cleanup
Finding old haunts …
closet cleanup
… and old crushes in the closet.
seat in the sunshine
A seat in the sun.
year of the ram sketch
Living with wide margins (and filling them in with doodles).
finding someing edable in the freezer
Unexpectedly unearthing something edible in the freezer.
do you wanna make a snowman?
The right tools for the job; Showing up prepared
Snow Dame
Making new friends
snow angel
Making snow angels
butter in a hot skillet
Hot butter in the skillet
Screen Captures: Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
Late-night belly laughs; Enjoyable ear-worm songs that make you smile all day long.
hot tea and takign the time to write in the mornings
Wearing lipstick when nobody is around to see; Filling up a journal page and spilling over to the next one
George Lockwood - Salem College
Wandering around a completely empty gallery with not even a docent in sight to monitor your gaze.
upgrading the everyday things
Upgrading the little things makes you feel like a rock star, even when you’re just doing the dishes.
a handful of new sharpies
A fistful of boldness and determination.
green shoot
Spring green
a backyard full of daffodils
a backyard full of daffodils
ingredients all lined up
Lining up all the ingredients and walking away; coming back to find you are more than ready; treating yourself to the thoughtfulness you’d easily give to others.
perfect beer to drink while watching orphan black
Finding the perfect accompaniment for a favorite distraction.
wooden spoons, freshly oiled
Yearly rituals; Smooth, handmade wooden spoons
homemade buttermilk biscuits
Warm, flakey, scratch-made buttermilk biscuits hot off the pan; Get one thing done early enough in the day and you’ll be proud of yourself no matter what else happens between now and sundown.
buttermilk - adult beverage
Alternative adult beverages; Acquired tastes.
power out
Knowing where the candles are when the lights go out.
warm-me-up whiskey
Sipping in the dark, feeling the slow warmth spread, feeling like an adult.
nightime shadows
Strange, wistful shadows late at night
homemade bow
Making it yourself, Finally remembering to try out that Pinterest pin.
icecream with a cherry on top!
The cherry on top.
happy fox
Cheerful faces in the morning
Found: bubble crown
Finding a smile on the ground.
page capture: Space Monsters
Musty boxes full of old paperbacks; The smell of old, long-loved books.
basement progress 1-18/15
A giant roll of potential, Paper crowns and colored markers.
making bagel faces for lunch
Playing with your food.
mail order
Boxes full of mail-order fun.
cold pizza
Cold pizza…
Apple Pie
… and hot pie.
Apple Pie
A Norman Rockwell task (just every once in awhile)
braces rubberband bag illustration
Reminders of things people don’t really daydream about anymore.
my coworker - elemental doll
An angel for my shoulder.
123 GO! basement sort out
The hopefulness of the organizational section in the hardware store.
making broth from freezer scraps
Something simmering on the stove all day; Wasting not, wanting not.
Saving the best for the last bite.
Finding a strangers treasures; Old houses; Ghosts and lamp posts 
winter moon
A winter moon with slow-drifting clouds
page capture: Maurice Sendak monkey reading illustration
Hiding in a corner with a good book.

3 thoughts on “Gratitude: Abandoned Streamers in the Park and Knowing Where the Candles are When the Lights Go Out.

    1. It’s nice to come back to the photos/thoughts after the moments have past and meditate on them. I think that’s when the layers develop and it makes compiling the posts enjoyable. I’m glad others enjoy it, too. Thanks, John!

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