Gratitude: Broken Things Fixed and Two Kinds of Pie

Broken things fixed.
chicken and waffles
Comfort food; Finally trying out “that new place”, even if it’s no longer new.

donut delivery!
Hot glazed doughnuts; Gleefully eating more than one; Thoughtful doughnuts drive-bys.
red pjs
Cozy flannel; A cheerful penguin wake-up call.
last flowers of the season
The last flowers of the season
rainbow chop
Looking down to discover a rainbow on the cutting board.
fall gold in the hood
The golden light of Fall
Wearing whatever I want to work – neon-green, drooling zombies not excepted.
soaking beans
Nothing is the same as anything else, not even a bowl of beans.
grilled asparagus sandwich
Taking time to cook for just one person – ME!; Making a personal favorite and knowing there’ll be enough for a second helping later.
fresh start
Fresh office supplies.
Screen Capture: Firefly
The episode where they “hit the high note”; Women kicking serious don’t-mess-with-me-and-mine butt; Teamwork.
thanksgiving 2014
Bright lights in the dark night.
thanksgiving 2014
Two kinds of pie.
clean bathroom, clean bath mats
Fresh, soft new bathmat placed in a just-cleaned-from-top-to-bottom room.
level lines
To-do lists and home improvements; The zen of an empty shelf.
reindeer games
Reindeer smiles; Taking the time to play with your chores.
Screen Capture: Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries
Picnics under the dock with old friends.
Birdprints in the snow; first fall of the season.
bit of bubbly with a bubble bath
Pairing bubbles with bubbly.
Xmas Eve Tradition
Candlelight; Traditions.
shrinkie dinkies
Getting crafty; The way kids draw on their hands when they run out of paper.
Screen Capture: Thin Man
The comic genius of a raised eyebrow.
paper snowflakes
Making it snow; Finding delight in the simple things.
cozy slippers/socks from Nate/holly
Cozy fire; Cozy slippers; Cozy stack of books.
Surprise parties; Crepe paper; Kind friends.
Forgetting your feet hurt; Women who rock plastic dresses and grimace when they feel like it.
141010 Jordan Lake camping
Fairy rings and wood smoke.
141010 Jordan Lake camping
Standing with your toes in the water, face in the sunset and red wine in your coffee cup.
star face doodle
Highlighter pens.
cats on the chalboard
A kids-eye view of the world.
playing Hide and Seek
A cats-eye view of the world.
A new moleskin at the ready.
Jelly beans; Yellow + Cyan
A nosegay in the corner.
glass pitcher
Sunlight on rippled glass; Everyday objects that remind you of dear friends.
purple basil
Purple + Purple.
balck,white and red
Red + Black + White
Those “Oh, right! This is my job (and I like it)!” moments.
movie popcorn
Movie popcorn; That one great-movie-laugher who single-handedly elevated your rating of the film with their incorrigible, vocal delight.
Tea Time at Loch Ness window display in DT WS
Tea Time at Loch Ness with Bigfoot.
Downtown Lenoir
Exploring the textures of old Southern towns.
cleaning screens
Cleaning up the old; Making way for the new.
screen capture:
A fresh new year stretched ahead; Finding joy–even in a bowl of simple noodle soup; Kitchen dancing.

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