Remember to take breaks and feed your soul, y’all.

During this busy time of year, remember to take breaks and feed your soul, folks! I snuck out yesterday to take in the Art on Paper exhibit at Weatherspoon Art Museum (SEE IT before it closes on the 14th if you can!), fill up on delicious Korean grub at Dasarang Korean Restaurant (SO GOOD! 4929 W Market St, Greensboro, NC) and stock up on goodies from GmartNow, I gotta put my head down and dig in to work today to make up for it, but it’s so nice to reenergize with great art and yummy food. 


In Winston this week? Friday at the Winston Gallery Hop, stop by Inter_Section Gallery and check out our  “Amalgamated Transmutations: Ooze & Instinct” exhibit. We’ve also added some inexpensive and easily giftable items, so you can do some holiday shopping AND take in some great art.

We’ve added Cards, prints and smaller scale artworks to the show for December—perfect for gifts!

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