Summer goings on: Watercolor doodles, Experiments and Classroom time

Small painitngs – watercolor, glue and sharpies

I’ve been playing around with watercolors the last few weeks to loosen up. It’s nice to have some paper set up and ready for me to add another layer whenever I walk by and have a whim. These are a few cards I’ve made so far by building up layers of drawing, glue and watercolor.

Last week I lead a short Taste of Art class at The Sawtooth School. As always, it was fun exploring the medium of screen printing with newbies. Everyone was great and we made some really fun work in just two hours. If you’d like to get in on the action and you’re local to Winston registration is now open for this Fall’s Experimental Screen Printing class. Sign up, let’s play!

Taste of Art: Screen Printing workshop
Taste of Art: Screen Printing workshop prints
Taste of Art: Screen Printing workshop
I love the interaction of the drawn lines and the over-printed shapes on these two prints

I’ve also had several play-dates with some of my favorite artist friends Nicole Uzzell and Millicent Greason-Spivak in preparation for our next iteration of Flight, Growth and Breaking Open, our show at EM Gallery last year. We’ll be showing new work as an extension of that project in November and December of this year at Inter_section Gallery in Winston. It’s been fun to get our paws back into the collaborative art making.

wet clay 1st session - dry
A peak at one of our experiments

Hope everyone is having a wonderful summer!  I’ll check back in soon with more updates! Here’s another snap of my doodling around with markers, making mini-paintings for greeting cards. I just love how much each one of these little pieces change over the course of the process.watercolor sketchs - in progress

A doodle on watercolor paper – ready for glue and then watercolor


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