Travel Inspiration: Forget Low and High; it ALL matters.

Travel: my feet

One thing I love about travel is how I start to notice everything around me once I’m in an unfamiliar place. From the stones under my feet and smells in the air to the waste bins and man-hole covers. It’s all new and worthy of at least a glance.

Old Town Krakow City Gate

A few weeks ago I was standing in a lush-green park looking up at an ancient city wall in old-town Krakow. I stood to the side watching the morning bustle of students with oversized portfolios, market vendors pushing carts as they yelled greetings to each other, and senior citizens walking their dogs. They pass through this massive gate made of stone every day.

I wonder how many things in my hometown I pass by without noticing? After 10 years, I’m sure almost everything in my daily routine is invisible. I looked sideways and a trash can caught my eye: bright blue and spray painted with a delicate, neon-green dragonfly; A charming bit of vandalism.

A dragonfly on a waste bin outside the old town city gate, Krakow, Poland

It’s the little things I love about travel. Sure, the gold-laden cathedrals and exotic dishes are nothing to sneeze at, but the reawakening of my ability to notice and respond, to feel, to forget to or to be too overwhelmed to turn off my senses. That’s better than any stamp in my passport.

Some inspiration from the little corners of Krakow, Poland.

A few more photos after the jump. Expect more travel images from other places along my path, soon!

view from Museum
Eyes on the wall
Snow people
Cloth Hall, Market Square
Church of St Mary
Church of St Mary
Krakow Apartment


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