Skateboards and Screen Printing Workshops

Artists on Board show - in progress

May 3rd I’m teaching an experimental screen printing workshop at the Sawtooth School. There’s still time to sign up, if you’d like to join in.  It should be messy-good fun. ( This class is a reschedule of the class last month; we had weather interruptions and so we’re trying again this Saturday.)

In other projects; I just finished up a skateboard design for an Artists on Boards exhibit showing in Portland; May 31st. It was a fun, quick project. I limited my pallet to 3 colors (two very close in value t force graphic impact) and just had fun with it. I also used my favorite Minutemen song as inspiration. Here’s a sketch (above) and a few photos of the finished project. You can see lots of cool boards heading to the show on ArtDeckCo’s Facebook page and on Instagram with #ArtDeckCo.

Artists On Board Poster Draft

"Flip Out"


3 thoughts on “Skateboards and Screen Printing Workshops

    1. 🙂 thx. I’m not sure what happens to the piece next. There are lots of great ones in the show. There’s talk of extending the show or traveling it. it’s a neat idea, leads to some creative designs!

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