Gratitude: Snow Cream, Red Spray Paint and Googly Eyes

snow cream
The simple delight of snow cream
red spray paint
Red spray paint, learning to love my drips
in progress - Telephone Project Children's Museum
Googly eyes
unexpected sequins; mail from friends
got my big-girl boots on
Wearing my big-girl boots; the smell of leather

mixing patterns
the tiniest of polka-dots; mixing patterns
Lunar New Year 2014 Card
Personal traditions
HankiePankie tag
Vintage clothing labels
AIC 1099 club 2013
Making it into the club
Classic winter accessories; Building a snow man
snowday - ardmore walk
Finding a postcard-perfect corner of your every-day walk; Tromping through falling snow with your best friend
cozy by the fireplace
A cozy fire-side chair to fall asleep in
pimento cheese, chili, sweet tea
Church-lady pimento cheese; Sweet tea in a styrofoam cup
Splurging on flowers
Creative friends; Surprises
installing: Doll Baby / rain install in progress
Making raindrops; Space to make messes
diner burger and fries
Classic diner food after a night out
Family traditions
found my rainy run
A bit of loveliness found on a run through the rain
lentil pot stickers
The smell of damp wooden cutting board; Eating finger food as fast as you can make it
Pace Capture: Southern Exposure Seed Cat.
The first seed catalog of the winter arrives
color on the floor
a little color under my toes; a new “kitchen-safe” rug to hide the sad linoleum of 1 of my fav rooms
screen captures: Roman Holiday
The way they hug in old movies
page capture: Sheila Heti - How should a person be
That one line in a book you’re reading that’s clearly written just for you
hot olives are back!
Late-night snacking; Finding a replacement for a discontinued favorite
foggy winter morning
Foggy winter mornings viewed from inside, hot coffee in hand
Dave and Allison wedding
Baby’s breath on the windowsill; Celebrating true love
St. John's Church Holly Days Bazaa
Wrought iron and lace
Limed Green Tom Pickles
The right tool for the job
Limed Green Tom Pickles
The color green
page capture: 2006 Come Alive! The Spirited Art of Sister Corita
Big, bold, bright type; Being inspired by the past
the RIZZ
My bedtime book club
sunbean desk
The 30 toasty minutes when the winter sun hits my desk just right and I take my sweater off and work in my shirt sleeves.
this page is intentionally left blank.
A mantra found in a pile of unopened mail.

One thought on “Gratitude: Snow Cream, Red Spray Paint and Googly Eyes

  1. deliciously wonderful photos and titles……especially your bedtime book club, and the way you take an idea and run it until it dances and explodes into more ideas……..wonderful

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