Printing New Designs! Don’t Swim With Toxic People and MORE:

Don't Swim With Toxic People - by Woodie Anderson

Here’s a look at the sketch for one of my favorite new designs: Don’t swim with toxic people – based on phrase that first came to my mind last fall while dealing with some challenges in my personal and professional life. Back then I jotted it down in my notebook, and I find myself coming back to these words again and again. I’m happy to have turned that thought into a image to help drive home what it means to me.

I’ll have this design along with several other new ones printed and ready to go this Friday and Saturday at the Krankies Craft Fair. If you’re in Winston this weekend stop by, say “Hi!” and find lots of great handmade gifts for the ones you love this holiday season.

Krankies Craft Fair: Over 30 vendors with one of a kind, wonderful items. FRIDAY, December 13th from 5pm-10pm and SATURDAY, December 14th from 9am-2pm at Krankies Coffee, 211 East Third Street, Winston-Salem, NC


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