In Progress: Crayon sketches and Book Covers

Don’t you love the smell of crayons in the morning?

It’s been a busy month with many projects in the air right (on the screens?) now. Two I’m particularly excited about winding down this week:

Nesting: I’m working on a new print inspired by KALEIDOSCAPE (an interactive crocheted installation by renowned artist Toshiko Horiuchi MacAdam at The Children’s Museum of W-S).  The finished print will soon be on display at the Museum as part of an arts and education program that includes work by regional artists inspired by MacAdam’s piece. Here’s a peak at my sketchbook. I’ll share more of the process  later on (Yes, I climbed up in the Kaleidoscape as part of my research) , it’s been fun and I can’t wait to see how the whole project comes together at the museum and how the children respond.

Nest - sketchs for print inspired by Kaleidoscape
Working through color blocking for “Nest” print inspired by Toshiko Horiuchi MacAdam’s Kaleidoscape.

Bookish: I’m also working on a project for a book of poetry by Terry L. Kennedy organized by Unicorn Press. The project brings together several artists who are creating art for the book in tandem, the end result being an edition of the book with five unique versions of  the cover art.

I’m currently working on a edition of handprinted fabric that will become the covers the the hard back edition of the book, New River Breakdown. Once the fabric printing is finished, I’ll be cutting it down into smaller compositions and printing the book title on each one, then Andrew Saulters at Unicorn Press will turn them into finished books. I’ll write more about the concept and creation of the prints for this project later, but here’s a look at what the fabric looks like right now, after one layer of hand-drawn lines, four layers of printing, and a dye bath – that’s a total of six layers/patina so far. I’m really interested in how this experiment turns out.

after first dye
Turning 13 yards of European linen into Art.
after first dye
Layers of printing building up and washing back out on fabric for the “new River Breakdown” book covers.

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