Gratitude: Fairytales with New Endings and Girls who drink straight from the bottle

sunset and cicadas
Sunset, cicadas, a smoking charcoal chimney and a beach chair on my worn wooden deck.
screen capture: Desperately Seeking Susan
Girls who drink straight from the bottle

screen capture: Desperately Seeking Susan
… and the blue-eyed boys that love them.
The beautiful insides of things
Screen capture: Angel
Fairytales with new endings
binder clip
Repurposed office supplies
Little boys who bring you flowers
Eating messy
page capture: The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao
Finding new mantras
That perfect ripeness – the one that melts, the one that comes down to a matter of hours.
screen capture: Ruslan Khasanov
Colors in motion
Walking through the blooming camomile barefoot. Not getting a bee-sting in the process.
tomatoes with blue cheese and capers
A drizzle of this, a shred of that, a plate fit for a queen.
Creative friends, irreverent art.
aqua bows and purple toes
Aqua bows and purple toes
polkadot fonts
Polkadot fonts
Condensation: It’s truly summer in the South now.
Pineapple skin mosaics
Scribbling shadows
air mail
Air mail, unexpected cover girls.
A scent no Bed Bath and Body bottle could capture
screen capture: Drop Dead Diva
Guilty TV marathons
The first zinnia
Revisiting the velvety purple plum taste of childhood fruit memories
driving home
Sunset drives and speaking up
Inter Korea House
Dumplings, Strip-mall delicacies discovered
cat shirt
Homemade iron-on T-Shirts
apples and cheddar
Perfect combos: Cheddar and Apple
Playing with hot glue
we can do it!
New postcards on the fridge
A break in the rain for the harvesting.
Page capture: Put A Egg On It Zine
Learning something new
stovetop seared broccoli
The right tools for the job
echinacea flowers on the sill
The late low light of summer sunset on the sill.
frosty mug
Upgrading cheap beer with a cold mug
leftovers for breakfast
Upgrading leftovers for breakfast
cucumber vines
Graceful determination.
red cabbage
Seeing stars on the Fourth of July
screen capture: Angel
A man who’s not afraid to rock pink.
page capture: The Blue Castle
Rereading an old friend from so long ago I’d forgotten the ending.
Busting out.

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