Finding the spirit (animal) within…

spirit animal: wolverine (in progress)

Do you know what your spirit animal is? I didn’t. Apparently my spirit animal a wolverine, if this test is to be believed. Which had my mouth agape at first ’cause I don’t really feel like Hugh Jackman most of the time . But then again, I didn’t know much about wolverines, in fact, I though they were fictional creatures. You mean those things are real? I read up some more and I like their  “reputation for ferocity and strength out of proportion to its size” and that they are are solitary animals. That part sounds like me.

Wolverine heralds the awakening of passion for life and the ability to absorb all the lessons that come our way. This passion can be a gift or a curse, depending on how it is used. One can be a glutton for food (a detriment) or a glutton for knowledge (a benefit). Wolverine is the keeper of animal secrets. Wolverine teaches us never to surrender, to pursue what we desire until we reach our goals. Honor your Wolverine spirit through silence, discretion and a ferocious appetite for the truth. (via)

OK, I can dig it. So, why all this talk of spirit animals, you ask? I’m participating in an exhibit of work inspired by spirit animals (organized by friend/fellow artist Tristin Miller) and I’m in the process of creating work for the show. Here’s a bit of in-progress work to wet your appetite. I’ll share the finished pieces soon.

The Spirit Animal show will be on display at The Green Bean next month. Opening reception is during Greensboro’s First Friday on July 5th at 7PM.

Take this test and see what YOUR spirit animal is. Does it feel like a match?

spirit animal: wolverine (in progress)
Well, I certainly see the physical resemblance, now… (That’s kiddo me on the left, a painting of a wolverine top right and a Native American totem of a wolverine on the bottom right)

spirit animal: wolverine (in progress)
OK, maybe this direction isn’t the best one… That’s some overbite.

spirit animal: wolverine (in progress)
Sketching out “underpaintings”…
spirit animal: wolverine (in progress)
mocking up possible screen-printing layers on top of underpaintings done in chalk and ink.
spirit animal: wolverine (in progress)
After a couple layers of screenprinted textures
spirit animal: wolverine (in progress)
Building up more layers, this one is getting to a good place, I feel like I can see the spirit emerging.  

This is getting interesting, can’t wait to see what the other artists come up, too. Here’s to finding the animal inside and letting it frolic across your canvas.

Hummm. I bet a wolverine needs one heck of a litter box.


4 thoughts on “Finding the spirit (animal) within…

  1. Interesting about the animal spirits–I was an otter according to the test. I’d love to learn the texture layering with screenprinting–I’ve done it with gelatin plates–It’s always a surprise.

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