Gratitude: Wet, drowsy honeysuckle mornings

water glass
Clean, cold water “hitting the spot”
parsley flower
Green “fireworks”
parsley flower with spider web
The glittery dust of morning spiderwebs
page capture: King City
Reading comics in bed.

Doodles that keep on going.
screen capture:
Silliness. Pure, joyful silliness.
greek festival
Strong, strong coffee paired with something sweet.
orange / blue / green
The color combinations of the “working-from-home” set.
installing the show - unglamour shot
Giving up on ego for a bit.
amaryllis flower
Repeat winners; The bang and pop of backlit green.
Rainbow over W-S
Friendly strangers who point out rainbows to unobservant passers-by
Buried treasures
making Spiked Strawberry-Lime Ice-Cream Pie
The kind of fresh berries that don’t “travel well”
berrys and coffee
Black and white and red
Peeking into the past
windowsill flower
Yellow on the windowsill
breakfast casserole
Remembering the perfect recipe to use up all those leftovers.
lemon and fresh dill
Perfect combos: Dill and Lemon
bit of color - curtain
Un-hoarding for a good cause.
installing the show
Finding the willingness to assume it will all come together somehow. Realizing it just did.
coffee cup
Hot coffee, eyes closed in the breezy afternoon sun
Hot pink on the table
it was a dark and stormy night
A cozy place to be cozy on a “dark and stormy night”
screen capture: To R.P. Salazar, with Love
True stories with happy endings
Honey’s golden drizzle
pickled okra from Sandy Mac
Enjoying the fruit of someone else’s labor
Funny faces in the thrift store
Wet, drowsy honeysuckle mornings
party lights
Party lights; The promise of long weekends

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