Gratitude: Duct Tape, Driveway Art and Fat Cats

A few things making me happy (as part of my ongoing gratitude journal):

duct tape
Duct tape
driveway art
Driveway art

A fat cat smiling in the sun
rizzo w/ catnip
Pure, furry joy a la catnip.
dill sproutings
The morning the generic sprouting shoots turn into recognizable plants
iris from Kitty
Generous friends with flower gardens
installing CAC SEED Show
Friends who find time where there is none. Friends you know will get things done.
boc choy seed pods
New flavors found through lazy gardening
screen capture: Batman latenight
Winning the current round of silly texting, no contest.
The pure Southernness of a screened window open to the morning air
cherry tree
Watching the cherry blossoms turn from white to pink
Mr Donut mug
Making new memories with mementos of the past.
screen capture: Le Butcherettes record cover
Making art to music; getting the soundtrack just right.
studio still life
Moving favorite objects to new places in order to re-see them; finding unexpected companions.
Losing your coffee cup then finding it again.
flags of our mothers - in progress
Middle-of-the-night moments
flags of our mothers - in progress
The calligraphy of coaxing a pen that stopped working.
What are you so afraid of?
Talking to myself.
A surprise jazz concert, The decadence of baked cheese with a good stout beer.
A yard full of flowers, the same that thrilled us as children, honest and unthwarted.
screen capture: Romantics Anonymous
The kind of reaction shots the rewind button was made for.
watching the fire die down
Watching the fire die down.
algae at the bottom of water barrels
Nature’s green on green on green: the infinity of Spring.
spring flowers
Bright Yellow paired with Pale Robin’s Egg Blue
metal brads
Upgrading; Getting organized
in the closet
Finding a new home for childhood pals.
A pile of memories; How one strawberry brings back all the skinned knees and overflowing sun-dress-pocket treasures of tanned, pre-teen summertime.
The prehistoricness of Dogwoods
screen catpures: milagros
The floating happiness contact-buzz from exposure to young creative minds.
sock monkey
Sock Monkey smiles.
the romance hiddden in the code
The romance hidden in the code; And Tango for “T” means they get to dance forever together.
maple glazed root veggies - crockpot
Simple, jeweled root vegetables while we wait for Spring.
screen captures: One Cat, Three Lives
People willing to share stories; Having a good cry.
herb sale 2013
New traditions; Plants sprouting in tin cans.
My favorite way to tackle the house cleaning.

6 thoughts on “Gratitude: Duct Tape, Driveway Art and Fat Cats

    1. I know, I love the hands one, very wild. That quilt – it’s very worn, now. I took a bunch of photos of it because I think it will need to retire soon. It’s hung in there a very long time considering the constant use. 🙂

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