Making sure my heart in the right place…

"together in this city" in progress

With three exhibits in the works, all going up next week, I’m feeling a little weak-kneed. It’s not panic, really. I know everything will come out fine. It’s more like love sickness. Being this deep in the art-making process is a joyful, intoxicating thing. I’m so lucky to be right here, in the middle of it. This is when the most interesting things happen, things you could never plan for; beautiful things that would never happen if I wasn’t treading water and doing 5 things at once. This is also a good time to remember one of my favorite quotes from the artist and inventor Leonardo da Vinci:

“Art is never finished, only abandoned.”

Amen. If you wanna see how it all turns out, here are a few events in the next few weeks. I would love to see you there!

Friday, May 3rd:
AFAS Outdoor Art Park Spring Exhibit Unveiling

Saturday, May 4th:
Amalgamated Transmutations: Flight, Growth and Breaking Open
Artists Nicole UzzellMillicent Greason and Woodie Anderson
Opening reception Saturday May 4th 7pm-10pm (show on view thru May 31st)
The Electric Mustache Gallery

Thursday, May 23rd:

 SEED Group Show at The Community Arts Cafe Reception

"together in this city" in progress

flags of our mothers - sit here and be adored - in progress


One thought on “Making sure my heart in the right place…

  1. Wow, you are making some wonderful depth- the colors are seperating the background from the foreground but there is easy movement to and from. REALLY LOVELY

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