Gratitude: Ridiculous Fortunes and Vintage Bouquets

A few things making me happy (as part of my ongoing gratitude journal):

Ridiculous Fortunes
thrifted - vintage curtain
Vintage Bouquets

now we're cooking with gas
Upgrading to gas
making pomegranate sauce
Making love potions for friends
morning cup
A hot, hot cup in my hands on a cold, cold day
page captures: travel books!
Daydreaming over travel books
rizzo cat - winter windows
Winter windows, That one day you can open them just before Spring
Page Capture: TV Repair
Old book covers
130305 haircut
Making progress
coffee break
Coffee-break pedicures
Catching the very last rays of a blue mountain sunset
Nick Cave
Hearing an old song again for the very first time
homemade sauerkraut by sandymac
Homemade sauerkraut
beers at french broad brewery
So many ways to do the same thing; the smell of old wood warming in the sun
bird girl
Doodles that wink at you
Puppy laps
generic ketchup
Hilariously perfectly generic graphic design
pizza for breakfast
Pizza for breakfast
cards to mail
Sending mail
mail art postcard
Receiving mail
in progress: paper casting
Learning something new; Friends who are willing to teach you
in progress: paper casting
Eureka moments
Bags of lemons
new kitchen compost bin
Finding the right tool for the job after you forgot to even look anymore
breakfast of champs
The simplicity of nuts and berries; Hunting and gathering in my own cupboards
seat hog
Someone who gets up with me, no matter how early
cat clip
Someone who saves clippings for me; Someone who knows what will make me laugh
thrifted - vintage curtain
Gold with Robins Egg Blue
spirit doodle
Doodles that sigh with you
traffic jam - stuck for 2.5 hours on i85
Having the good luck to have a bag of snacks when you have the bad luck of spending 2.5 hours sitting parked in traffic.
Qtip tips
Bizzarre instructional graphics
screen capture: Buffy
Awesome bitch faces
Acquiring new kitchen tools
training with the moon
Taking laps while the moon rises
muddying new running shoes
Muddying new running shoes

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