Gratitude: Red Sharpies and Wind-up Toys

A few things making me happy (as part of my ongoing gratitude journal):

red sharpie
The decisiveness of a red sharpie
wind up bird
Wind-up toys, the hopefulness of tiny keys

Chopping Herbs for Kale Pie
The smell of a damp wooden cutting board
new growth on the aloe
Bright white new growth
Blue + Brown
Robin egg blue paired with chocolate brown
garlic sprout
Tender sprouting green nubs in the garlic
The herbs found in my garden no matter the season
hot dogs and beer
The eternally perfect combination of cold beer and hotdogs
Screencapture: Solange "Losing You"
Some fun, flirty fashion inspiration; A song to dance in the kitchen to
snow sky
pale white skies; the smell of snow arriving
winter garden
Wooden garden stakes stacked along the sunny brick wall
winter garden
The onomatopoeia of periwinkle
Family recipes
Sweet, old faces
Creative friends who send me mail
metallic ink
Metallic ink
The color plum; Sweater sleeves you can pull down past your knuckles
notes i wrote to myself
Finding the note you wrote in the middle of the night in the dark and actually being able to read it
Kale Pie
Finding a new recipe for an old favorite ingredient
leather postcards
Old stamps, Worn leather
AIC 1099 Club Badge - 2012
Earning a new badge
Screencapture: Paperman
Taking a mini-movie break; Indulging my romantic side
used bookstore find
Great finds at the used book store
first daffodil
That shy first daffodil
red shoes
Red shoes

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