Screen Capture: Paris When it Sizzles

screen captures: Paris when it sizzles

I’ve been saving this for my next gratitude post, but as I sit here– doing my taxes, thinking about the last few weeks, thinking about ways to avoid doing my taxes–I need a little pick-me-up. I don’t know if it’s the bitter cold winds and short days of winter or the recent unexpected illnesses of friends. Maybe it’s just the normal social-media jealousy and malaise. Or it could be the growing to-do list that seems more painful with the flipping calendar pages. Whatever it is, I’m taking a moment to hit the reset button.

I just keep losing sight of just how nice it is to be me. Right now. Sitting here doing my taxes.

It’s pretty nice, really. I spent the other night filling in the gaps in my Audrey Hepburn obsession with 1964’s Paris When it Sizzles. Not the best movie, but the word “romp” is fair. The final scene is set during a rambunctious Paris street party. People are dancing, people start fighting, food is thrown, people are shouting and cheering and looking very french. Spoiler alert: The Girl gets the Guy in the end. Yep.

But, the best part happens on the sidelines when several scoops of ice-cream get knocked loose and go flying through the air, knocking the breath out of an innocent bystander. A lesson for us all:

screen captures: Paris when it sizzles

When life starts a fight and dumps ice-cream down your cleavage …

screen captures: Paris when it sizzles

… Smile and then dance.

If only this were an animated gif. I hope I captured the joy at least, even though you can’t see the gleeful improvised jig.


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